That picture, those words…

Agreement (at last)!There are many good things to say about yesterday, but The Sun newspaper captures the essence of what it means to some of this deals original ‘liberal sponsors’ in the UUP and the SDLP (the latter of which was completely airbrushed from Process™ history on the BBC’s Ten O’Clock News last night)… Owen Bowcott has assembled some of their past words:

Adams on Paisley:

If Ian Paisley isn’t going to share power with the rest of us, then we have to move on without him

August 4 2005, after a meeting in Downing Street with Northern Irish parties

He radicalised me … It was Ian Paisley who led me to wonder how a clergyman could stand up and threaten to go in and tell the RUC to take the flag out, and if they didn’t, he would.

Guardian, February 5 2004

Paisley on Adams:

Mr Adams would have to repent from his evil ways. I am here tonight by the grace of God, a sinner saved by grace

April 14 1994, response during a conference in New York as to whether he would shake Adams’s hand

I will never sit down with Gerry Adams … He’d sit with anyone. He’d sit down with the devil. In fact, Adams does sit down with the devil.

Independent, February 13 1997

  • Henry94

    No words there for Adams to eat. I hope we’re not passing The Sun on the way down.

  • merrie

    That’s right, Adams did not have to eat any words.

    This is typical mainstream British commentary, though it is humourous here.


    Adams did not have to eat any words?

    Tell that to the families of those who killed and were killed in the name of his cause. He has bought hook line and sinker into the analysis which he and his comrades rejected for 30 years.

    So much blood. For nothing.

  • For “DUP words” substitute “Everything You Ever Stood For, Ian”.

  • micktvd

    Perhaps they could both be saying ‘Gotcha’ Na been there done that

  • Mac Raicín

    Gerry Adams’s Irish is appalling. he seems completely unaware of the Genitive Case. Will he cease and desist from speaking Irish as a token of identity please unless he learns it properly? Yesterday he said: Is tús maith leath an obair” which is a bit of a howler really. Otherwise an excellent day for the good people of NI.

  • Henry94

    Did Arlene get airbrushed out? Or moved to another page?

  • Yokel

    Mac Raicin

    Some people learn it for the love of it some people just learn it….

  • Crataegus

    Mac Raicin

    Give him a break. He knows a lot more Irish than I do or ever will. OK it is tokenism but would you rather he had no interest?

  • Mac Raicin

    I’d rather he didn’t use Irish for political ends and if he does then please to learn properly. Not using the Tuisil Ginideach is piss poor for someone who would wish to appear fluent.



    Henry 94: “Did Arlene get airbrushed out?”

    Right enough – where is she? Remember all the fuss about Reuters interfering with the images of Beirut during the Israeli thing…

  • joeCanuck

    Mac Raicin

    Don’t be such a snob.
    I understand that Adams only started to learn the language late in life.
    at least he’s trying.

  • Wilde Rover

    Mac Raicin

    Ta an ceart agat.

    While I must admit to the deterioration of my own once Gaeilge fluirseach (spoken) I feel it’s important that this point be made.

    Ni leatse e an teanga, Sinn Fein.

    Many minority languages are going under at the moment. Using the language as a political football at this critical stage is tantamount to treason against the cultural fabric, in my book.

  • another_pleb

    It’s not the smug politicians trying to impress the hardline vote with a bit of the old teanga that annoy me. It’s the language-nerds with their pipes, beards and aran gansaí who pop up correct everyones mistakes when speaking the Irish that really faigh mo ghabhar.

    So he makes a few mistakes, don’t we all? The story wasn’t about Irish language anyway.

  • pith

    Is Adams’ Irish any worse than Paisley’s English?

  • Diluted Orange

    Does Adam’s have to eat his own words or will that be the job of the voice-over actor he used to have to use when his interviews were broadcast?

  • Diluted Orange

    Mac Raicin

    [i]I’d rather he didn’t use Irish for political ends and if he does then please to learn properly. Not using the Tuisil Ginideach is piss poor for someone who would wish to appear fluent.[/i]

    I think you make a good point. SF does politicise the use of Irish. It just serves to make seem like a sectarian badge of honour, which it shouldn’t be seen as. Irish was around a long time before Sinn Fein and Republicanism ever was.

  • Garibaldy

    Adams claims to be fluent, but this was embarassing. It’s perfectly fair to criticise him for misprouncing words when he makes these claims and uses the language for political reasons.

  • Garibaldy

    BTW, The Times collected some quotes too if anyone’s interested.

  • Glyn, Hounslow

    Liked Matt’s pocket cartoon on the front page of today’s Daily Telegraph, showing a very disgruntled little devil ice-skating in Hell where it’s snowing, and carrying a newspaper headlined “Paisley and Adams meet”.

  • merrie

    I liked Matt’s cartoon too
    (though Dante’s Inferno has the nadir of hell a totally frozen expanse in which everything remains exactly the same for ever and ever. I think Judas Iscariot is there, isolated, frozen in the ice)

    On the subject of Gerry Adams’s speech I did think he was more offhand than Ian Paisley was and he had trouble with the Irish words.

    One thing I noticed was his largish Sinn Fein badge in green white and gold, perhaps a subtle reminder that one of the major causes of the Troubles starting in the 1960s was Paisley’s furious OTT rant against the Irish flag being displayed in a shop window and also that this event caused Adams to join Sinn Fein in the first place.

    Too subtle for the Brit press to notice.