Bertie on Northern Ireland…

Great blog compedium of Bertie’s wise words on the Process™

  • Nevin

    Some other words from Bart: the ‘Patten Permission’ on policing; Scotland’s national bard, ‘Bobbie Burns’. The latter words were addressed to a gathering of Scottish worthies in the Lothian Lecture following the signing of the British-Irish Agreement in 1998.

  • some craic, all this. feela good though.

  • Cormac

    ‘upset the apple tart’ is my favourite!

    God love him. That canary yellow suit he wore (matched his grin) to a photo-op with world leaders was hilarious too. He couldn’t have looked stranger if he’d worn a big green leprechaun outfit.

    Makes Dubya sound like Socrates.

    Can’t believe I voted for him (well, 3rd or 4th pref)…

    Irish politics tends to produce the kinds of leaders who are only good at one-to-one meetings – no chance of electing a Bill Clinton or a Mitterand here, I’m afraid…

  • Greenflag

    We’ll take our Bertie ( over a Mitterand or a Clinton or a Paisley . It’s the ould North Dub common sense . Sean Lemass had it . Bertie has a surplus whereas poor CJ was a little short !

    As for
    ‘Irish politics tends to produce the kinds of leaders who are only good at one-to-one meetings ‘

    Our electoral system makes that quality mandatory . You don’t claw your way up from being a party member to Taoiseach or TD by being ‘universal’ .

    ‘ Makes Dubya sound like Socrates. ‘

    I’d never have thought Socrates sounded like a gobshite but there you are . Most Americans no longer need convincing on that score . Every time Dubya opens his mouth now his fellow Republicans run for the hills . With 2 years left to destroy what ever is left of compassionate conservatism there is only option left for Dubya that could make him look as good as Bertie .

    Next St Patrick’s Day Bertie might want to pass on the canary suit instead of the bowl of shamrock !

  • In fairness he’s an enormously clever and capable politician. Whatever about his philosophy, his ‘socialism’ and so forth.

    Very telling that on almost all FF promotional literature at the moment he’s there with potential candidates.

  • sammaguire

    Don’t mind them Bertie. You know you’re winning when they have to take the p*ss. Got a leaflet in the door from some Green Party twit who I never heard of before and will probably never hear of again. He took the p*ss of Bertie’s Dublin working class accent (the Taoiseach thinks denial is a river in Africa). Must admit I smiled but I know who I’ll be voting for. Remember Bertie what Behan said of the begrudgers!!

  • The Dubliner

    The FF government led by Bertie Ahern has been the most brilliantly successful in the history of the state, making Ireland into the most successful country in Europe and the second richest per capita in the world. You can’t argue with success.

  • Cheers for the link Mick.

    It would be nice to think that list of comments by Bertie doesn’t get much longer

  • Greenflag


    ‘You can’t argue with success. ‘

    This is true but you can argue with the numerical accuracy of some Irish Times reporters or/and those who send out news reports such as the underlying .

    ‘Foreign nationals make up more than 10 per cent of the Irish population, according to detailed figures on nationality released today.

    The results from the 2006 Census show an 87 per cent increase in the number of foreign nationals resident in Ireland since the previous census was taken in April 2002.

    This represents an almost doubling in the number of foreign nationals in the Republic from 224,000 in 2002 to 420,000 on the night of the 23rd of April, 2006. The majority of migrants come from European Union countries.

    The United Kingdom had 113,000 nationals living in Ireland, Polish nationals numbered 63,300 and Lithuanian nationals numbered 24,600 on the night of the census. The rest of Europe accounted for 24,000 individuals.

    Nigeria had 16,300 nationals in Ireland and China had 11,161 nationals living in Ireland. ‘

    I added up the immigrant numbers and subtracted the total from the 420,000 and I see there are 167,639 who either have no former nationality or country of origin ?

    So if y0u happen to see any green skinned people with purple ears or Venusians or Martians be sure to tell them that they should report to the Government Statistics office. Also bowler hatted people wearing orange sashes and indulging in funny walks should be reported asap

    I’m not against immigration however I draw the line at extra terrestrials such as the latter two categories 🙂