Today’s stars, for Ian and Gerry…

Whatever you make of Astrology, these two ‘readings’ for the party leaders from Jonathan Cainer are just too good not to clip and record for posterity:The Doc’s horoscope for today:

You are trying to do too much. You are succeeding in your effort. You spend your whole life biting off more than you can chew and managing somehow, to swallow and digest it. You are an incorrigible buck-pusher and chance-taker. This is the reason why you do so well and why you achieve so much. Yet something is different now. You are starting to wonder whether it might be possible to be happy without having to keep putting yourself in one stressful situation after another. It is.

And Gerry’s:

What are you supposed to make of your current situation? Should you be jumping for joy or leaping up and down with rage? Should you feel frustrated or elated? Perhaps, with this whole business of feeling, you are thinking far too much. You do not need a strategy now. You do not even need a full explanation. You merely need to listen to your intuition. You will hear this clearly, just as soon as you get your ‘voice of reason’ to stop talking so much pompous nonsense.