That was then, this is now…

Nick Robinson, on a revealing incident from the early days of the Peace Process™: a long way from the togetherness and flowers in Stormont’s members dining room today…

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    Sitting in an office in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, sheltering from the 40° plus outside and buzzing with today’s developments. An open thread would have been good to get this all out but well, bending the rules only a little I’ll post here.
    I got into town last Wednesday driving in from Niamey, Niger – no radio and no air-condtioning in the car and 46° outside. Checking my passport at the border, the officer noticed it was irish. “How are things going over there now? No more bombs?” I said things are a little better these days.
    “Well we’ll be praying for you all that it works out”.
    The border post is in the middle of nowhere.
    And today some kind of prayer has been answered – whether it was his, or a Free P’s, a druidic chant, or the pope in rome I don’t know. Thinking of the awful human sacrifice that has been made too.

    And laughing at the BBC story with Paisley in the left and Adams waiting. In Adams version, as the doors close he gets the sudden urge to run to the next floor and be there again as the doors slide open and closed. And then to the next and the next and the next. Paisley’s unionist force field trapping him in the lift. The routine carrying on indefinitely. Somehow seems a very fitting image today – the day Paisley got out of the lift.