Conditionality finally removed…

Another interesting line from the Irish Times. Frank Millar notes that substantial opposition within the DUP seems to have collapsed , and there is no ‘conditionality’ clause within the DUP’s resolution. Matching Adams’ lack of conditionality in his interview with An Phoblacht.

Party sources confirmed that MPs Nigel Dodds, Gregory Campbell, David Simpson and William McCrea had all backed the alternative strategy, largely credited to deputy leader Peter Robinson, and fully supported by Dr Paisley. The sources also confirmed the additional assurance for Mr Adams that there would be no further vote by the DUP executive, and that delegates were told on Saturday they were voting for or against an “absolute commitment” to enter government on the stated date.

The DUP resolution stated that it’s “firm commitment” was offered “in an environment where no one, including government, goes back on any of the advances and commitments made.” Given Sinn Féin agreement, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain would act to preserve that “environment” by introducing emergency legislation in the House of Commons tomorrow, amending the existing Act and incorporating a May date for the appointment of ministers.

However, as one senior journalist quipped to Slugger this morning, “if they think it’s all over, they’ve another thing coming”. Cue sardonic laughter…

  • SuperSoupy

    “British prime minister Tony Blair had apparently left that decision to Mr Adams after the DUP leadership confirmed it would not comply with today’s “deadline” stipulated by the British and Irish governments in the St Andrews Agreement.”

    Ian jnrs posturing in the Newletter looks even more foolish.

    It’s cap in hand time for the Paisley’s as they seek a helping hand from Adams and SF.

    Make sure and say please lads.

  • Mick Fealty

    Is he likely to say no SS?

  • SuperSoupy

    He’d be mad to regardless of any additional concession he may or may not get from the DUP or British.

    The DUP have just handed SF a couple of extra Dail seats.

    They probably want to carry Paisley around the room on their shoulders!

  • SuperSoupy

    Wouldn’t there be a wonderful irony in the DUP putting SF in government north and south in the space of a few weeks.

  • Yokel

    This is deal making not begging. Paisley has done what many said he wouldnt do, bring pretty much his party with him.

    If SF said no the DUP will be bolstered with their own electorate. Thats all both parties worry about, their electorate.

  • Yokel

    Let me put this is simple terms, there will be no SF in government in the South this time round because evryone else will beat themselves with a stick to avoid it.


  • Henry94

    Conditionality finally removed…

    Cue sardonic laughter indeed.

  • Pete Baker

    From the Adams interview

    “I will propose that to the Ard Chomhairle as soon as the institutions are re-established. This becomes possible in the context of the restoration of the political institutions and the Ard Chomhairle’s satisfaction that policing and justice powers will be transferred away from London.”

    Not quite completely removed, yet, that conditionality.. whether the Ard Chomhairle decide that they are satisfied that policing and justice powers will be devolved, or when, is a matter for them.

  • Yokel

    All part of the game Henry, too many mutual interests at stake for the DUP & SF.

  • GavBelfast

    “Wouldn’t there be a wonderful irony in the DUP putting SF in government north and south in the space of a few weeks.”

    From best recruting officer for the IRA to best electoral officer for Sinn Fein, it’s all becoming clearer now.

  • darth rumsfeld

    well it seems from this morning’s news that there is still enough opposition to cause some pain. Losing an MEP is more than just a tad embarassing, and will still be a large financial blow if it happens.

    Honourable mentions too to Jim Wells , Cllr Ian Crozier and Cllr William Humphreys, who at least had the guts to stand up to the defeatists , sheep, and Free P automatons in the executive on Saturday. But what happened to Dodds and Campbell and Simpson who were all against this two weeks ago. Dodds was even teed up to respond to Allister in the debate with the sub-Dermot Nesbitt riposte that there were a lot of concessions coming!!

    I can only imagine what the ex-UUP participants must have felt. Was there not even a flicker of conscience as Minister-elect Arlene, and …er, well at least he’s an MP Jeffrey Donaldson, sat in a large meeting of the scared, gullible, and politically naive, and listened to a leader tell them he had a cunning plan and they’d have to trust him? Only this time they were among those clapping like performing seals, and no doubt had given their insight into how to manipulate a party.

    But for people like Humphreys and Crozier, it’s deja vu all over again to quote the late Mr Birra.Big decisions to come for these hardworking and intelligent councillors, I fear.