All over bar the shouting…

El Mat has the photo of the moment… He’s cleaving to a natural scepticism, but I’d say it’s time for more than a few people to get out their metaphorical hats, in preparation for lunchtime on 8th May…

  • Wilde Rover

    I couldn’t get onto El Mat’s site.,,2043654,00.html

    Is this the photo?

    See the similar body language of the hands? It’s almost cute.

    However, the body language seems to break down at the face.

    Gerry is obviously pleased that this meeting has taken place during Lilytime, ensuring the first round of the new game of Anthems, Emblems, and Flags goes to the Green team.

    However, we can expect him to be showing less teeth when Poppytime comes around, when we can expect the Orange team to make gains.

    Big Ian looks like he is threatening to smile.

    Or is it the facial expression of a young boy at the back of church who has just been told a dirty joke and is trying not to laugh?