World Police and Fire Games come to Belfast.. in 2013

Belfast will host the biennial World Police and Fire Games in 2013. In the BBC report Dame Mary Peters is quoted from Adelaide were this year’s competition is being held – “We had a very strong bid team; the lord mayor, the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure. We had the deputy chief constable, the head of the Prison Service, the head of the Fire Service and others.” In 2009 the event moves to British Columbia. The Secretary of State for Wales etc wasted no time in praising just about everyone concerned.. Of course, by 2013, everyone here will have fully endorsed the police.. Oh, and the other bid on the final shortlist of two.. Innsbruck..Adds Before being whittled down to the final two bids, there were a few other cities on the shortlist

The Games are held every two years and Belfast was one of five shortlisted cities along with Washington and Denver in the US, Calgary in Canada and Innsbruck in Austria.

By the time the delegations reached Australia is was down to a straight fight between Belfast and Innsbruck.