St Patrick’s Day photos wanted…

For the next day or two we’re drawing down our Flickr pics from the St Patrick’s Day around the world group. Naturally, most of the photos up there at the moment are from last year’s event. So remember, whether you are in Sandy Row New York, Buenos Aires, or the smallest parade in the world, just join the group and thousands of people will get to enjoy your version/vision of Paddy’s day.

  • Henry94

    Have a great one all of you.

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    That’s a cracker Henry. O boy, O boy……

  • T.Ruth

    Bobby Hanvey and others who attended will send you photos of the ST.Patrick’s Day Breakfast at La Mon House Hotel. Prominent former pupils of St.Matthew’s and Beechfield Primary Schools introduced fifty children from the schools who sang together in celebration of Patrick’s contribution to Christianity in Ireland.
    We had Irish dancing,African drums and even an unscheduled burst of the first bars of the Soldiers Song which caused much merriment.Imagine that happening a few years ago. The big man-Dr.Paisley roared with laughter.He had turned down an invite to Washington to honour his promise to attend. He spoke to the children and guests about St.Patrick as did Sister Briege Vallely and Duncan Morrow of the CRC. It was a great morning-everybody wore shamrock and the guests present were as inclusive as I have ever witnessed.
    The media chose to interview a UDA commander who attended in the company of a prominent Catholic solicitor. The organisers were a little disappointed that the positive aspects of the occasion seemed to take second place in the media coverage. To add insult to injury on a SO’Toole blog there were pages and pages of antagonistic diatribe centered on the quotes of the loyalist paramilitary guest. The significance of the event was lost in the flurry of verbiage in which people rehearsed or regurgitated their prejudices The organisers and the children thought, the interview apart,that the event was a great success and hope that next year similar breakfasts will take place involving children from interface areas in the NSEand West of the city and perhaps further afield.If we want Peace we must all be conscious that we are all required to contribute wholeheartedly-we all have responsibility and we must set aside selfish agendas for the greater good.