ARA’s Alan McQuillan gets promotion

The Irish Times breaking news report is slightly misleading, Alan McQuillan has not, as it claims, been “appointed as boss of the North’s Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) today.” He has actually been appointed to the post of interim Director of the UK-wide Assets Recovery Agency, taking over from the first Director of the Agency, Jane Earl. He was Deputy Director of the Agency so it’s not a surprise, and not when the National Audit Office report highlighting the level of co-operation between the ARA and the PSNI is also taken into account.Worthwhile noting this from the Home Office/NIO statement

Any proposed merger will require primary legislation. In the meantime ARA will continue to operate as before and use its powers to the full in proceeding with all cases under active litigation as well as adopting new cases from referring agencies in the criminal enforcement community.

John Reid may have been telling the truth after all..