Colm’s Cheltenham tips….

Colm over at Infactah, has been doing his own tips service for the Cheltenham Festival… here’s todays… Must say that I am not much given to backing horses, but I’ve just had a tip that’s too good to miss, though it’s not included amongst Colm’s favourites…

  • You’re just teasing now. Spill it!

  • bpower

    Yeah, make with the tip. Fuck sake, were you never thought correct betting shop etiquette. I blame the parents.

  • susan

    Bpower speaks for all. This transparent assault on the peace process will not be forgotten in the voting for next year’s Blog awards, Mr. Fealty. On that you can rely.

  • Okay, okay… I had to get out to the bookies at some point… It turns out I can’t read properly… It was actually Colm’s tip for the 3.15… £2.50 each way…

    Damn fool glasses… pass me the vari-focals… it would appear that it has finally come to that time of life…

  • susan

    Cheers, Mick. The good news is women your age can’t see as well as they once did, either, so it all comes out in the wash. I would know!

    I’m going with Monet’s Garden in the 1435. I’ve been picking the ones with the prettiest names since I was four years old and doing quite well, to the disgust and consternation of everyone who actually understands what they are doing.

  • Julian Robertson

    Great tip! That’s my fiver gone.

  • susan

    Catastrophe all around.

  • “Favourite Black Jack Ketchum, with champion jockey Tony McCoy on board, fell early on to end his hopes.”


  • Just two bets waiting to come home… Ireland today, and Ireland on St Patrick’s Day.

    Staying clear of Cheltenham for the rest of the week… all I can say is “beware old farmers baring tips…”

  • Pete Baker

    You didn’t see Channel4’s Morning Line then, Mick?

    Everyone picked it as the one favourite to definitely avoid.

  • susan

    And yet you chose not to link that little snippet of information….

    Mick, beward old farmers “baring” anything at all, especially as the spring thaw kicks in.

  • Julian Robertson


    ….now you tell us.

    Ok, chasing my losses. Just put £10 on a 7 match accumulator this weekend.

    Er, come on Nottingham Forest.

  • After the fact Pete, after the fact… To be fair, it fell, so we’ll never know…

  • Pete Baker

    I didn’t realise that was the tip, susan.. not betting on Cheltenham and all that.. a vice I”ve managed to avoid – one of the very few I should add.

    I will be picking a runner in the National however.. it’s usually my only bet of year.

    Pretty good track record there though.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    A racehorse is the only animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time.

    Away from the nags, England (v Wales) with a general -2 handicap and at least one bookie with a -1 look to be a stonkin good bet in the Rugby on Sat.