Online funerals in North Down…

Not quite 2.0, but Clarkes Undertakers in Bangor and Newtownards are offering digital funerals. It’s only the second undertakers in the world to provide such a secure online service. No doubt it will be some comfort for relatives in Canada and Australia, who just can’t make it back in time for the funeral of a friend or relative. A far cry from the often brutally terse telegram to New York of the 1930’s. H/T Simon.


  • Greenflag

    The Province of Death brings you live at your desktop or laptop

    ‘Death in the Province ‘

    Live funerals 🙂 Brilliant . Should bring us all back to earth eh ?

    Seriously Clarke’s have to be congratulated . It may at first seem ghoulish – but a fact of life is that many people in Ireland North and South have relatives all over the world and to attend a funeral in Belfast from New Zealand etc at short notice is extremely expensive, time consuming and with airport security being what it is – usually an experience that most of us would rather avoid.

    One presumes there is a cost for logging in ? or is it covered in the total .

    Congrats to Clarkes – Absolutely deadly !Finally entrepreneursghip emerging from NI. From death springs life etc etc etc . 🙂

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    How not to sell your house

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