Slugger ads nearly hit the top…

Here’s a rough guide as to how the Slugger ads worked on Message Space over the last month. It doesn’t mean we have a bigger audience than Iain Dale, but in terms of ad impressions, after Guido Fawkes, we have been blazing something of a trail. So far we’ve been fairly careful to keep the ads as relevant as possible to the content of the site, though there is an opportunity for us to bring in more generic ads from larger companies to help subsidise the base cost of running Slugger, and enable us to put the ‘begging bowl’ (as some have rather unkindly put it) to one side.

A good election season for Slugger then, if not yet a golden egg. Nevertheless, we are hopeful we can develop this side of the site and as our audience continues to grow, I’m hopeful it will begin to become more self sustaining. If you are a potential advertiser with a message to get across to Slugger readers (and other blogs), you can contact MessageSpace here.

  • Belfastwhite

    Didn’t do the UUP a world of good Mick>:0P

  • Mick Fealty

    (I was waiting for that) Didn’t do them any harm either bw…

  • aaron

    it’s a shame about the number of filler ads for Iain Dale TV though, Mick..

  • Mick Fealty

    They only come on in the evenings, and more like listings than static ads… There is some good stuff on there too… Peter Tatchell on Gay Rights in Russia is on at the moment for instance…

  • aaron

    my concern is twofold

    1 – it implies that you endorse iain dale’s political views (which may or may not be true, but doesn’t sit well with Slugger’s conscious neutrality)

    2 – it creates an impression that your adspace isn’t valued by buyers, making it less likely to be valued by buyers..

  • Mick Fealty

    Not sure I want to refute the first (though I would hope we are not consciously neutral – rather we aspire to be independent, which is a different quality). Some of the Doughty stuff is unapologetically right wing, but Lib Dem and Labour guests do appear on a fairly regular basis. But I am more than happy to endorse the more relaxed, discursive style of the programmes.

    As to your second point, when I have lots of people knocking Slugger’s virtual door to get into the space, I’m sure 18 Doughty Street will happily cede the space. Until then, I think they add to rather than subtract from the content of the site. Though I accept not everyone may feel that way.

  • BP1078

    “Britain’s national drink needs a Fair Deal from the Treasury”

    Blimey, 6 months blogging on Slugger and he’s already entered the political lexicon.

  • aaron

    fair enough Mick. was daft of me to talk of ‘neutrality’ – was late at night and i was struggling for the right words!

    thought i suspect people’s preconceptions about the content of 18 Doughty Street are more relevant than the actual content

  • Rory

    “…thought i suspect people’s preconceptions about the content of 18 Doughty Street are more relevant than the actual content”

    If you are right about this, Aaron, and I suspect that you are then exposure to the site’s content is surely the best way to confound those preconceptions.

  • Alan

    While I am sure that they didn’t fill anything like the whole period. Does this mean that Slugger could potentially have raised £ 14,000 for Message space in February on it’s cheapest rate ?

    What will the viewing figures over the election period be ?