To infinity and beyond.. or, at least, beyond 26th March

Regardless of what the actual message from the electorate was, the question that remains is – What next? The Belfast Telgraph’s Chris Thornton returns, in another 10 minute slot for their online video output, this time with editor-in-chief Ed Curran, to review the situation – and, in part, the discussion he had last week with Mike Smyth and host Michael McMillan. Meanwhile their colleague Noel McAdam picks up on the main topic they consider, the credibility of the government’s March 26th deadline. It’s probably worth noting that, according to Noel McAdam “senior Sinn Fein sources believe the DUP will bust the March 26 deadline.”

“We won’t like it,” one senior Sinn Fein figure said, “but we can live with it.”