UTV say no second SDLP seat in Newry and Armagh…


    sinners well ahead newry armagh,davy hyland about 2thousand votes with one box left to count

  • susan

    Beeb promises live election results for Newry and Armagh at this link “shortly”:



    sharon haughey struggling big time going into last box

  • susan

    Latest figures: Conor and Cathal elected, Willie eliminated, and the latest count:

    Conor Murphy SF Elected 1 7,437 15.0
    Cathal Boylan SF Elected 1 7,105 14.3
    Danny Kennedy UUP 6,517 13.1
    William Irwin DUP 6,418 12.9
    Mickey Brady SF 6,337 12.8
    Dominic Bradley SDLP 5,318 10.7
    Sharon Haughey SDLP 4,500 9.1
    Paul Berry IND 2,317 4.7
    Davy Hyland IND 2,188 4.4
    Willie Frazer IND Eliminated 1 605 1.2
    Brendan Morgan GP Eliminated 1 599 1.2
    Máire Hendron AP Eliminated 1 278 0.6
    Total valid vote 49,619 70.1
    Turnout 50,165 70.8

    Quota 7,089 Electorate 70,82

  • susan
  • méar ar an chuisle

    Well done to Cathal Boylan. A true gent and great councillor. Superficial pr-led campaigns can’t compete with on the groung hard graft.

  • A great day for Sinn Féin with significant gains and the SDLP set to take loses.

    El Matatdor owes £100 to Newry Hospice now that the Stoops have failed in their pathetic attempt to take a Sinn Féin seat.

    I wonder will all the trolls on this site vanish back under their rocks now that their wet dream of a Sinn Féin meltdown has not come to fruition?

  • Red Mist

    Anyone predicting an SF meltdown has been very premature.

    Whilst I thought their overall vote may dip a percent or two it hasn’t. More’s the pity.

    However, the lesson for alternative candidates is clear. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up (ie council elections and local campaigning). Furthermore, you must produce credible candidates. With a couple of exceptions the people going head to head with SF were woeful selections often from woeful pools. There are much better people about.

    That said, SF have firmly staked their claim to the mainstream now and whether people like it or not they will be vulnerable to the same pressures as others in government. If they make unpopular decisions they will be victim to ebbs and flows like everyone else.

    The time of the big two going head to head to see which community is more united behind its fiercest party will fade.

    I think at grassroots level there will be room to make in roads but it’ll not come easy. You are combating decades of loyalty to a party, substantial resources, experienced campaigners, a new more moderate support base, etc.

    It’ll be tough but not impossible.

  • slug

    “The time of the big two going head to head to see which community is more united behind its fiercest party will fade. ”

    I hope so because I don’t like it.

    I think that Government has the responsibility to move us on from this situation to one where people don’t feel such a strong urge to vote for tribal negotiators.

  • Red Mist

    Well slug,

    I have to put my cards on the table here. I am a republican who thinks that SF has sold itself short on principles.

    What I meant was that people will stop voting for the party from its constituency which is the largest because it supposedly takes a hard line. The reality is that neither SF nor DUP will take hard lines on many issues, particularly in defense of the ordinary person. The water charges will be the first test. Lets see if any of their platitudes turn into action. I doubt it.