SDLP battle it out for West Tyrone…

We’re hearing it’s going to be close between Deeney and someone (Deehan probably) in the SDLP. A deal of local rivalry saw them running two candidates. Sinn Fein, are comfortably set to take their third. Derek Hussey is another UUP casulty as the DUP’s Thomas Buchanan and Allan Bresland come in beautifully balanced and well ahead of him and the SDLP.

  • Rory

    Sorry to break in, Mick, but it’s just been announced that Gerry McGeogh has just been arrested at the count in Omagh to be questioned about the attempted murder of a security member (and postman?) during an attempted robbery in 19??.

    Sorry – clearer details will soon emerge.

  • At The Omagh Count

    The fella who McGeough has been arrested for allegedly attempting to murder is of course a sitting Dungannon DUP Councillor who was at the count today also. Being cheerily greeted by said McGeough earlier in the day!

    As for the West Tyrone Count – the DUP on a total of exactly 1.5 quotas look fairly certain to take 2 seats. The vote management has been just about as perfect as possible.

    Interestingly there may be an issue about intra-party SDLP transfers. Tensions between the candidates are of concern to some of their members but they should do enough to ensure that Jo Deehan (local GP) is elected for them. They only have 1.02 quotas between the 3 candidates so there aren’t too many votes to go around. SF had 3.11 quotas between them so now that the McElduff and Doherty surpluses have been used to bring in McGill there aren’t any left to go elsewhere.

    Providing more of Hussey’s transfers go to the DUP than to Deeney upon the UUP elimination that should mean a certian 2 seats for the DUP.

    There are still a few mathmatical possibilities although the best bet is for 3SF (clearly as they’re already elected) 2DUP and 1SDLP.

  • Jonah

    Just looking at RTE’s figures.

    With McMenanin’s vote being transferred at the minute, of 2,701, Deeney (Ind) has and advantage of 979 votes.

    Assuming, based on the transfers of the third candidate, that Deeney picks up even 20% of McMenamin’s vote, he could be far enough ahead that the votes McMenamin gets wouldn’t be enough to overtake Deeney.

    Then, there’s 3,000 UUP votes to be transferred. Would they favour a hospital campaigner or the SDLP?