Lagan Valley…

Centre of Lisburn box still to be emptied, but the figures are stacking up well for Sinn Fein the fight for the nationalist vote their. About 4,000 for them so far, with Farrell on about 2,000, just behind Lunn. They picked up 3242 first preferences in 2003. Butler may still need a significant amount of 2s from SDLP to take the seat in the second count.

  • smcgiff

    UUP vote collapes in Lagan. Big loses to DUP there.

  • Just to point out that I personally swallowed my pride and gave Donaldson a 2, in spite of slagging him off many times in the past. The reason? The DUP in Lagan Valley actually seems to care about its constituents and is seen to be doing work, whereas the UUP representation is utterly, utterly invisible.

    If even a normally moderate Alliance-voting Prod like myself votes for the DUP ahead of the UUP, then there’s something very very wrong with the UUP.

    I have to say I did however give the Greens and Conservatives a wee vote too. 🙂

  • I love the label: moderate Alliance-voting Prod .

    It is certainly a new phenomenon to see the switch from “Alliance 1, UUP 2” to “Alliance 1, DUP 2”.