Good day for the DUP…

Though someone at Dundela, clearly has ethnic minorities in mind when they sent out this text:

Peter Robinson, EAST Belfast , Nigel Dodd North Belfast and Jimmy Spratt , south Belfast all top the poles and are elected on the first count

Thanks G!

  • Yokel

    This is a bad day for the unionist bloc in the Assembly:

    Already it looks like they have lost the following:

    1 in West Belfast to the SF (by just not turning out)
    1 in South Belfast in what has to be the biggest shock of the election, Alliance being the apparent beneficiaries in a constituency with 3 clear unionist quotas
    1 in North Down, ok its only Bob McCartney but that may well go to Green.
    There’s a further possibility of a loss in South Antrim, again in a seat with 4 unionist quotas.

    Whilst the DUP cruise on, the UUP look to have shed not only to the DUP but also to Alliance as well as sitting at home.

    Someone needs to ask questions about why Unionists are not turning out.