Armagh and Down Constituencies

The Armagh and Down constituencies (No results yet, just getting the page ready)Upper Bann

Calvert (Ind)
Corry (Green)
Fry (Cons)
Gardiner (UUP)
Hatch (UUP)
Kelly (SDLP)
McAleenan (SDLP)
McCrum (DUP)
McQuaid (All)
Moutray (DUP)
O’Dowd (SF)
Peeples (Ind)
Savage (UUP)
Simpson (DUP)
Toman (Ind)
Ward (SF)


Newry & Armagh

Berry (Ind)
Boylan (SF)
Bradley (SDLP)
Brady (SF)
Frazer (Ind)
Haughey (SDLP)
Hendron (All)
Hyland (Ind)
Irwin (DUP)
Kennedy (UUP)
Morgan (Green)
Murphy (SF)


Lagan Valley

Bell (UUP)
Butler (SF)
Craig (DUP)
Crawford (UUP)
Donaldson (DUP)
Farell (SDLP)
Givan (DUP)
Johnston (Cons)
Lunn (All)
Magee (WP)
McCartney (UKUP)
McCrea (UUP)
Poots (DUP)
Rogan (Green)


South Down

Bowles (Cons)
Bradley (SDLP)
Burns (DUP)
Carr (SDLP)
Clarke (SF)
Cunningham (Ind)
Curran (LPNI)
Griffin (All)

  • Two Nations

    I expect Calvert to take a seat. His posters have been everywhere and most importantly been effective. Particularly the “No Terrorists in Government” ones that went up on Tues night. He is a strong candidate in his own right having been a DUPer in the past and with having been nearly murdered by the IRA.

    He must have strong appeal with the anti crowd (assuming they have forgotten the whole Funds For Ireland debacle). Indeed he clearly must have taken the DUP foot soldiers onboard and they have been instrumental in getting his message across. The sheer lack of DUP presence in the Craigavon area in the run up to the election has been astonishing.

    However, I doubt the absence of the DUP footsoldiers will translate into a drop in the DUP vote. I assume anti people will vote Calvert 1 and then DUP 2,3,4. Therefore still allowing the DUP the three seats.

    I expect the UUP to get hammered at this election, with maybe Gardiner standing the only chance of being elected. As a traditional UUP voter myself (I was a staunch Trimbleite), I just could not be bothered voting for them this time. What was the point? This was the feeling among a lot of my family, with some of us not even voting at all.

    I voted DUP 1,2,3 Gardiner 4 Kelly 5.

    Prediction: 3 DUP, 1 SDLP, 1 SF with the last seat between Gardiner and Calvert.

  • BonarLaw

    “I was a staunch Trimbleite”

    Not many people care to admit to that!

  • Robert Keogh

    Easton (DUP) has been elected.

    Bob gets 1806 votes.