Slugger on Nolan…

If you didn’t catch it this morning Slugger and our ‘has a politician called at your door’ poll featured on the Nolan Show this morning. Most callers were irrate (in various degees) that no one had called to their door. In defence of our political class, our rough and ready (and statistically unreliable) poll said that half of our readers had had a politician at their doors, and half did not. Most of our political parties have limited budgets and limited personnel, and biggish constituencies. There are more than a few candidates suffering from mild exhaustion.

However, one blind listener pointed out that leafleting was not good enough for her: face to face contact was the only thing that would motivate her to get out and vote. Something can be done about that, surely?

  • padraig

    Poor old Mick got a grilling from that woman who was miffed that noone had asked her for her vote! And it was all Mick’s fault! Pity the silly woman’s opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but herself!

  • Colette

    I can’t help but feel that many people have unreal expectations of their politicians. Firstly there’s the tired “getting paid for doing nothing” rants… Then there’s the attitude which moans “I’ll only vote if I’m asked to” – as if they are doing the politicians a favour! Fine, if he fact that people died so you could vote means shit to you then stay at home. Probably the best thing for stupid people. Finally, there’s the belief that every party has loads of finance and people behind the, with enough grass roots activists who are prepared to get up and go out to canvass. Sadly, apathy is not the sole property of the voter. The reality is that most people just don’t want to “get involved”

    Let the stupid people stay athome but DON’T MOAN!

  • Mick Fealty


    She was the one who pointed out that her disability rendered leaflets useless. It’s actually a fair point (though I’m unsure of the solution), and I wonder whether if the Electoral Commission were listening it might be something to chew over at the post election seminar?

  • Padraig

    I know Mick and though I have every sympathy for her, I can’t help but feel she had unreal expectations with regards to “being asked to vote” on the doorstep. It was her “I don’t think I’ll vote” attitude which worried me. Way to blasé!

    As for the leaflet, a short and simple podcast, dowloadable from all good websites (and a few bad ones) would solve that problem. (Party Websites, the EO website, Slugger, YouTUBE, etc) Accessable and downloadable from any library computer to an iPod or such would surely solve that problem don’t you think?

  • idunnomeself


    Does she not listen to teh party election broadcasts (aired just before the Stephen Nolan show?).

    It’s a serious point, but the parties do use different mediums, and clearly it’s not as if they are making themselves deliberately inaccessible..

  • I remember Stephen Nolan when he sat at the front of Mr Bennett’s Latin class. Boy did he have a brown tongue.

  • Can I just say that no politicians have canvassed my door? Bliss……

  • SuperSoupy

    “Boy did he have a brown tongue.”

    Still does, it’s the chocolate.

  • Junior Apparatchik

    Colette is spot on.

    I know people in Alliance and the SDLP who have been out, rain and shine, twice a day in many cases.

    But they can’t knock every door.

    And, by the way, when they do knock, half the people aren’t in anyway… and half of those who are in don’t answer… and half of those who do answer complain you never call with them any other time…

    Sorry, but it just strikes me as another example of lazy people trying to justify not voting.