Irish Blog Awards kick off…

Gonzo and I are in Dublin for the second annual Irish Blog Awards. There’s an impressive crowd and plenty of traffic at the bar. There’s an impressive shortlist of blogs from all over the island. I saw Jett Loe and his mate on the way in (I think it was him, I can’t imagine there are too many others who walk about the place talking incessantly into a microphone). More later…

  • SuperSoupy

    Watch yerself with Twenty he sounds like one dangerous man.

  • You just watch yourself going home tonight (tomorrow morning *HIC!* ?) with your Award , Mick .
    I’m told there’s plenty of muggers around that area. And some of them have no Awards of their own….


    Sharon .

  • Mick Fealty

    Are you here Sharon? I’m up at the front on the right hand side…


    I just spent the last three hours going through the nominees and their bloggs

    dreary, dull, boring,
    foul mouthed just to be foul mouthed
    silly and thoughtless, childish in the extreme


  • Henry94

    I have to agree. What a dull bunch. Childish and ignorant. Are there any grown up bloggers in the south?


    I think I may have underestimated just how good Slugger is. If this is the competition you are Barcelona playing in the League of Ireland

  • SuperSoupy

    Childish, ignorant, foul-mouthed, silly and pointless – don’t you just love Twenty Major. Top blog.

  • time will tell

    Really poor in comparison to Slugger, guess we are in danger of getting aires and graces about ourselves.
    I would rather be annoyed by a Chris Donnelly pro S/F blogg that waste my time going through that rubbish that passes for bloggs in the Free State.

  • Hi Mick !

    Am I present , you ask ?

    If so , I would be firmly seated on the left-hand side…

    Just DON’T walk past me whilst clutching an Award . A woman scorned and all that …

    Sharon .

  • Mick Fealty

    Afraid we came up light this time…

  • jack

    maybe, but i suspect the other blogs apply rules fairly band across the board, unlike this one – the play ball, not man rule is as often applied only to those who are political/journalistic favourites of the fealty creature – to others the rule does not seem to apply.

  • I Wonder

    …can’t understand the appeal of Twenty Major meself.

    Nor, I imagine, can anyone who thinks the word “cunt” isn’t honestly THAT funny.

    Now, “pancreas” and “duodenum” – there’s hilarity for yez!