Hain’s Special Advisor going.. but not quite yet?

Guido may want to check the details of this one.. As we noted yesterday, he had related that the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain’s Special Advisor Phil Taylor had “told Guido that it was already his intention to resign, that he had informed the permanent secretary that he was intending to resign”. But according to this UTV report Mr Taylor “confirmed last night that he was taking unpaid leave from the Northern Ireland Office to concentrate on his boss`s campaign.”

“It is true that I intend to leave at the end of the month which is when we hope to have a devolved government in place at Stormont,” he confirmed. “I have been asked to help out in the campaign and that is what I will do.”

Note the “will do”. Guido, about that evidence you mentioned..

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  • parcifal

    Pete, No Hain no Gain, until power-sharing.
    End of story.
    no-ones interested in this diversion.

    here’s a better story to blog:
    The dice are loaded against the creation of a workable assembly:


    something to get the ould choppers into for hungry Sluggerites and Sluggerettes.

    Of course you and I could always swap for a few weeks, fancy that? 😉

  • Pete Baker

    “no-ones interested in this diversion”

    What you mean, parci, is that you’re not interested.

    In which case, just don’t comment on it.

  • parcifal

    I just want to keep you on your toes is all, sometimes we can all get out of touch and become distant from our electorate, and it can be time for a change. Its in the nature of leadership, and the corruption of power . One needs to be relevant and seen to be relevant.

    Anyway what do think of the story:
    “The dice are loaded against the creation of a workable assembly”, myself would have run with that one ???