Timeline 1994: Benn on ‘the Irish question’

Here’s a fascinating insight into the way the British left viewed the Northern Irish question back at the beginning of the IRA ceasefire, when only John Hume was prepared to admit talking to Sinn Fein in public. Interesting set of questions though. And it features a classic Benn device of turning into the questioner of his own interviewer.

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  • No link dude.

  • Queen’s Unionist

    very interesting in deed, will we make up what we think it should say?

  • Is it satire, or is it a cockup? Who can say? Seriously, with the exception of half-a-dozen students who thought the Provos were Teh Vanguard of the Revolution, the left didn’t come up with any good ideas on NI from 1969 to…well…Blair.

  • Irish Republican in America

    I don’t agree with any of it. Blatant bias.

  • mickhall

    Im surprised this has not provoked more debate as there is a wealth of detail in the post to chew over.


    If you consider that Blair is on the left, I would love to know who you consider to be on the right?

  • I don’t, but you may have noticed he achieved a certain prominence in politics.

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    The links aren’t working still.

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    This might be what the author is referring to. Lazy sods, learn to google.