Communal holy cows, self-criticism and advancement

A John Ridley article in Esquire magazine, The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger, has reignited a debate among the black community in America. In it he argues that the black community has become trapped in the civil rights narrative and it is disempowering the community as a whole and the underclass in particular. It also means potential role models are eschewed as they don’t fit the line e.g. Powell and Rice. The debate has focused on his use of the n-word, the fact it appeared in the ‘white’ media not kept in-house in the ‘black’ media and whether forms of criticism reinforce prejudice. Perhaps it shows the power and insight of comedy (Adult comedy – flashplayer reqd). How best can communal holy cows be discussed? If internal debate fails to produce change, where should a critic express themselves? How does a community’s thinking move on from a discriminated past to a fairer today?