No need to climb the lamp post to get them……..

I remember during an election a few years ago hearing a second hand story of a person hearing a strange noise coming from behind a wall. When they went to investigate they found a man with a hatchet gleefully chopping up Sinn Fein posters. It’s difficult to tell whether the 2007 Election has seen an increase in taking down opponents posters (electoral fraud I believe), or if candidates are just complaining about it more. It happens, always has and always will. I caught a member of another party trying to do it at a polling station myself in ’05. It’s petty but some people are just like that.

In today’s edition of Dan McGinn’s campaign diary the Newsletter reveal Derek Hussey’s solution. He is offering the posters for free after the election to anyone that desperate to have them – and he’ll sign them.

  • Bemused

    “It’s difficult to tell whether the 2007 Election has seen an increase in taking down opponents posters (electoral fraud I believe),….”

    Not sure about that Michael – my undestanding is that attaching posters to lamposts etc. is unlawful in the first place. (Same rules apply to the annual flurry of tat attached to lampposts throughout the North by various loyalist untermenschen.)

  • Michael Shilliday

    I think that posters are allowed by electoral law, but unauthorised removal is fraud. Could be wrong though.

  • Bemused

    Can’t claim to be sure either – would be interested to find out definitively though..

  • thelaw

    They are allowed (within safety rules ie no blocking road signs) but liable to be fined if not removed within a set time (can’t remember how long) after the election is over.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I think there is a height limit. I remember seeing a poster somewhere that hadn’t been removes, but Roads Service had cut the bottom corner out to prevent it obstructing.

  • Who cares about the legalities – where do I get my Derek Hussey poster?

  • Posters must be removed within 14 days of the declaration of the result.
    If not feel free to right to your local electoral office!

  • graduate

    I’d be happy never to see another election poster in my life- they’re a bloody nuisance and horrible to put up and take down(especially since I’m scared of heights ho ho)
    We’d be better off getting compulsory voting like the Aussies and their posters have to go up no more than 2 or 3 days before election and i think have to come down within 24 hours

  • Out and About

    Down in Antrim this morning there are a series of hoarding size posters(about 8 times larger than normal) for a SDLP lady named McClelland, with a large phopograph of her . In the very bottom lelf corner it says “Burns 2 ”
    SDLP,S motto seems to be “Every man for himself”
    This afternoon SF outside one school gate on upper Ravenhill Rd and a lone Alister Mc Donnell on the other gate

  • West Tyrone

    The real story behind the Hussey posters is of course….

    He was chucking someone out of his pub on Saturday week past and the bloke nutted him, giving Derek a black eye in the process.

    Now someone is touring West Tyrone helpfully colouring in the offending eye on his posters….

  • bruce201

    Is that fellow Shilliday as obtuse as his comments. Unauthorised removal of posters is theft not fraud.

  • godsdog

    Hear that the Shinners caught the SDLP destroying Maskey posters in South Belfast on Sunday. Developed into a bit of a shouting match by all accounts

  • Ireland Of Equals

    Sinn Fein in Ballycastle blatantly have postered over existing SDLP Orla Black posters(Diamond) and Anti Policing Republican Paul McGlinchey (Castle St)posters.

    Photos to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finaghy

    I hear from someone who overheard that conversation (in finaghy) that the stoops were trying to add carmel hannah’s poster to the same lamppost, back to back with the shinner poster (covering the text so), but never actually touched it. Apparently tempers did flare, and stefan long isn’t as fluffy as he makes out. Hilariously, the sdlp ones seem to have given as good as they got.

  • elsiemount

    Noticed posters in Mid Ulster, being turned around so that they are not visible, with other posters then being put back to back with them.

    Are there not enough other poles for their posters?

    Who looks at them anyway. Surely people have their mind made up by now.

    I know the weather is playing havoc with some, but how many have been shunted “by accident”

  • Free Agent

    Last week I saw PUP activists ripping a Naomi Long poster down from outside the Spar on the Upper Newtownards road and then throwing it into a private garden. Nice.

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