Caption Competition: foreign games…

Courtesy of the Telegraph and reader Henry…

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    When I look at this photo I think of many things, but mostly I think of Ted and Dougal..
    ‘Down with this sort of thing!’
    ‘Careful now!’

  • Henry94

    Irony by-pass operation a complete success.

  • BP1078

    “No to foreign sports”?
    Is that an Irish GAA top he’s wearing there?
    Really, really funny.

  • Henry94

    Spin Doctor shortage begins to bite

  • The Dubliner

    That is a classic pic. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of it. The only own goal scored on Saturday.

  • GavBelfast

    It is a hilarious picture, but what do you do about people with attitudes like that?

    He must be very deluded and /or very easily led, which is just incredibly sad.

    The only other own-goal from yesterday and, yes, hindsight is a wonderful thig, but if they hadn’t massaged the rugby timetable to soften the opening of Croke Park, England would have been the first team there and the Grand Slam might well still be on (look at the head of steam going into the French game). But mustn’t grumble ….

  • Henry94

    Right to wear own clothes backfires on republicans.

  • mancunianupnorth

    Below the belt Henry94. 🙂

  • What I find really hilarious is the idea that the match somehow signifies a new level of “maturity”. As defined by who? The same people who bring you “Big Brother”? I suppose goofing on the young fellow in the picture may make all of you feel a little better about yourselves rather than taking a good look at your history or a good look in the mirror.

  • Wilde Rover

    Ah, RSF. Their self-lampooning is always entertaining.

    A Guardian report mentions a sign was carefully stenciled on the side of a house near Croke Park that read “No Crossley Tenders Beyond this Point,” which was better, at least, then the by now extremely jaded “Brits Out.”

  • Comrade Stalin

    What I find really hilarious is the idea that the match somehow signifies a new level of “maturity”. As defined by who?

    The fact that people can show respect to a national anthem of their nearest neighbour shows how much we have all moved on. I find improving relations between Britain and Ireland to be something that is positive. The people protesting against the game yesterday do not.

    I suppose goofing on the young fellow in the picture may make all of you feel a little better about yourselves

    Damn right it does. The sign the fella is holding up is a symbol of centuries-old hatred which civilized people in Ireland (both parts) are trying to bury. You can’t deny me the right to laugh and bigotry expressed so hypocritically and incompetently. They could at least have gone to the bother of wearing something other than a soccer shirt.

    For folks not familiar with the irony in the picture, the person holding the shirt is wearing wearing a soccer shirt (soccer is a “foreign game”, probably more foreign than rugby is) belonging to a Scottish team (Scotland is a “foreign” country) sponsored by an American-owned beer brand (America is also a “foreign” country). I’d wager that the guy in the picture has never been to a match at Croke Park in his life.

  • Nevin

    Well it is a top worn by pro-IRA Celtic supporters ….

  • Nevin
  • mancunianupnorth

    Comrade Stalin,

    I agree totally.

    Anyway one thing these Island do have in common is the ability to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

  • Greenflag

    The Torygraph is flogging a dead horse . Another case of media hysteria made to look ridiculous .

    But here’s what might be called a Spike Milligan approach!

    British & Irish Governments agree public execution ceremony in Croke Park ?

    According to an RSF spokesman a plan being devised between them and the Northern Ireland office, will draw a line under the incident the 1921 massacre and mean an end to all future protests at sporting events .

    “We’ve spoken to the British government and they understand the significance of the event back in 1921. Back then 14 people were killed by British forces so in the spirit of the peace process and friendship we’re proposing that we shoot 14 of their lot before the match.

    The plan has had a mixed reaction from Downing Street. Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks the idea has merit but said that it needs to be done
    properly and with dignity. “Frankly I think its a small price to pay for progression in Anglo-Irish
    affairs, but I think the idea of getting Ray Houghton to do the shooting would be too much for many English fans to take particularly after his
    goal against us back in 1988. And he’s Scottish which is worse.” Mr Ahern said that he was’nt sure it was a good idea even if on the surface it had some merit .

    Proposed Victims

    According to informed sources, RSF and number 10 have already drawn up a list of names for those to be shot. The list, which is not yet
    agreed, is thought to be a compromise of people that both the Irish and English public dislike. Among the names are moaney-hole singer James
    Blunt, foul mouth idiot Jade Goody, Trinny & Suzannah, Man Utd donkey Rio Ferdinand, cream cake expert Vanessa Feltz, “comedian” Russell Brand , a leading politician from both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland one of whom because of his Reverend status will say the final prayers for all the victims including himself. Also any two of the blokes who do outside broadcasts for Sky News and a journalist from the Torygraph will add media spice to the festivities!

    Discussions took an ironic twist when both sides agreed on shooting Belfast singer Brian Kennedy, but neither side agreed on what nationality he was. RSF representatives claim he’s British with their Foreign Office counterparts claiming he’s Irish. RSF claimed that no Irishman could sing or dance in such a FOREIGN manner and the English saying he couldn’t be a Brit because he had no tattoos on his forearm and didn’t wear Ben Sherman shirts . However there was eventual consensus that he should be shot anyway.

    The shootings/executions will be carried out legally by members of the 2nd Infantry
    Battalion from Cathal Brugha Barracks in Dublin. The original idea to get the FCA to carry out the executions were dropped when they revealed
    that their rifles are in fact made of baked-plastecine. Similarly the Garda Emergency Response Unit was discounted for fear they’d shoot more innocent civilians and then claim overtime for it. The British Army was not invited as it was thought that this would only lead to further protests when the IRFU’s Lansdowne Rd facilty has to be re -renovated in 2077 and the IRFU have to use Croke Park again thus sparking off another media frenzy ———–

    Have yiz had enuff yet !

  • BP1078

    We of Republican Sinn Féin are the nucleus, which represents what Emmet represented, the soul of Ireland, the prophetic shock minority, those who are neither purchased nor intimidated

    Not really anything to do with the picture, just think that “prophetic shock minority” bit was kind of cool. Completely meaningless but still cool.

    It would also have been nice if The Soul of Ireland could have written the sign in their native rather than The Oppressors tongue.

  • mickhall

    OK have a crac at the kids expense, but surly he is doing what most of us want him to do, protesting peacefully against some thing he disagrees with. What would his critics prefer, he puts a balaclava on and goes out in the dead of night?

    Myself I feel this has little to do with centuries old hatreds, although they are undoubtedly present, but it is also an attempt to defend a national game from the juggernaut of more popular international sports. Many see what happened at Croke park as the thin end of the wedge and it is interesting the media has made such a brouhaha about this, when in reality it is only a small minority who have protested.

  • smcgiff

    Odd that the paper neglected to point out the gaffe by the protestor.

  • Reader

    smcgiff: Odd that the paper neglected to point out the gaffe by the protestor.
    It might have been a bit too obvious. And are we sure that isn’t ‘Cal’ behind the placard?

  • Jobsworth

    It IS the thin edge of the wedge, Opening onto a world of civility, irony, humour, parody, narcissism and sublimated nationalism… and not a word of it in Irish!

  • I tried to come up with a funny caption – but some things are just beyond parody.



    I’m not sure I get your point. Ought we to be grateful that this idiot isn’t donning a balaclava and expressing his hatred in a more direct way?
    Why should I ever be grateful that someone hasn’t chosen to try and kill me and mine?
    The so called armed struggle was every bit as stupid and self defeating as that photograph is, though not as easy to laugh at, considering the consequences.

  • Progresser

    Is this what SF is delivering in the “Ireland of Equals”? Clearly there is some way to go.

    Let there be a ban Ireland taking part in ANY international competition until they grow up. Be it rugby, soccer or tiddly-winks ban Ireland from those competitions until they decide to play the sport/event with any team in the event and move on from playing politics.

    I understand what happened 1920 was wrong and the scars are still raw but I don’t think any National team should be able to cherry pick who they will and who they won’t participate with.

    ireland should move on or be left out in the cold to play on it’s own and let that fella in the icture play with himself!

  • susan

    Silently, Geraldine cursed herself for listening to the online dating expert’s suggestion to arrange a first meeting in a public place.

    (Henry, #4 still has my vote)

  • Henry94


    What he could argue is that he was only protesting about the playing of foreign games in Croke Park because of historical and other reasons (throw in something about the German team not playing in Auschwich) In order to prove he has no problem with foreign gamers per se he wore the jersey of his favourite team.

    It’s a shame that the subtlety of his point was lost on some commentators but then everything looks yellow to the jaundiced eye. Our comrade remains a republican, a socialist and an internationalist.

  • circles

    “OK have a crac at the kids expense, but surly he is doing what most of us want him to do, protesting peacefully against some thing he disagrees with.”

    The irony of it all though mick is that he is blissfully unaware of the complete contradiction – its not a pop at republicanism, or RSF or whatever, its the complete daftness exhibited here. Indeed anybody that would use this pic as a broad brush to plaster republicanism is exactly as daft the soccer top wearer (isn’t that right “progressor). Whether or not you agree with the idea behind the sign is completely irrelevant – the fact is somebody was caught out a cracker. He deserves a good piss taking!

  • Buckwheat

    Carling don’t do protests. But if they did, they would be the crummiest little protests in the world….. But, if that was Carlsberg..

  • mickhall

    “DUP protesters make new demands of SF.”

  • Buckwheat

    It’s true…. I’m a Cultic supporter.

  • Patrique

    Below the belt or not, Henry’s comment is priceless.

  • Bretagne


    Perhaps on the reverse it says –
    “are alike” or..
    “Welsh Euro Qualifier – tickets required” or
    “Buy the Irish Sport”

  • parcifal

    “faceless protester loses head”

  • marty (not ingram)

    “Brian Ashton goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid post-match press conference”

  • Comrade Stalin

    it is also an attempt to defend a national game from the juggernaut of more popular international sports.


    The guy is wearing a Celtic top. All this stuff about defending a national game is bullshit, that is what the photograph clearly shows.

    [Also notice that the jogging bottoms are Nike. I guess RSF’s supporters are not concerning themselves with mulitnational corporations with a long and sorry reputation for exploiting third-world labour. ]

  • roger

    ‘Go back to Lansdowne’

    ffs lads we havn’t even got the planning permission through yet.

  • DMCM

    This photograph sums up the intellect of the argument that was trying to made.
    Just like when Sinn Fein when only a few years ago they tried to stop rule 21 from being abolished (rule 21 was to stop members of the police in NI to be able to participate in GAA games).
    Sinn Fein would obviously have to change their stance on this now, just like most things that they once believed in.

  • parcifal

    Protestor inadvertantly mocks self by supporting Queen’s no.1
    “Radio GAA GAA”

  • willis

    Am I the only one to be impressed by the whiteness of the whites. Either that gear was brand new or straight from the machine.

    A triumph of medium over message in a very post-modern way.

  • Bemused

    Steve Staunton’s desperation to avoid away fixtures reaches a new low….

  • BP1078


    Another classic from that flickr account:

    “Hill 16 is Gaelic Only”?

    Do you have to take an ethnicity test before they’ll sell you a ticket?

    Is there an examiner checking your verb declensions at the turnstiles?

  • seabhac siulach


    At Croke park, a small disorganised rabble turns up, resists the idea of playing rugby there, and then goes home….but enough about the English rugby team…

  • Gerry Kelly

    Personally, I think the young-fella is a securocrat plant!

  • Nevin



  • ‘Celtic supporter protests against possibility of GAA games at Parkhead’

  • Bretagne

    Hurling Abuse?

  • stan

    The protesters are clearly fanatics who seem to have difficulties with everyone and to be honest, taking the p*ss out of them is the best solution.

    But at least it was peaceful.

    The problems surrounding politics/sectarianism reared its ugly head again yesterday during the Linfield v Donegal Celtic game at Windsor Park. Linfield were forced to make a public appeal to its fans to stop singing sectarian songs and chanting sectarian slogans.

    It was clearly audible on the radio yesterday afternoon and i’m not sure what Linfield’s Catholic players make of being called ‘fenian b*stards’ etc…. The situation was not helped with dc fans being called ‘fenian ba*tards’ by Linfield stewards as they left the ground.

    Some sports have further to travel in the tolerence side of things

  • peter fallow

    “throw in something about the German team not playing in Auschwich”
    Jesus, republican’s capacity for delusional victimhood never ceases to appal and amaze.
    No wonder this twisted form of fascism left so many graves of the innocent in its wake.

  • Henry94

    peter look up. something just went over your head.

  • Progresser


    I agree. Some, I fear, will never get past the idea that the A-hole featured in the pictured is the victim of some broader attack on Republicanism. It is not. However, as if proof were necessary, it does show that irony has not gone away you know! 😉

  • Wilde Rover

    “The man from Del Monte, he say no!”

  • BP1078

    “Celtic Supporters Urge Champions League Boycott”

  • This appears to be snigger of the week, but what it portrays is the uniquely weird world of Irish sporting allegiances.
    Of course, the ‘foreign’ games most feared are those played by Irish football clubs, like Linfield and Bohemians, in Ireland. Celtic, ManU etc. are safe territory when it comes to maintaining our cultural purity.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Fermanagh announce new sponsorship deal with Carling outside Croke Park.

    (Good to see the lads around him don’t mind wearing the freebie woolly hats given out by o2 outside the game).

  • jimmy

    Pure Classic. Ignorance knows no bounds with some people. On a Different note this type of Nationalist hypocracy has always haunted us. In the hub of British resistance of the Falls Road, theres bars Dedicated to Manchester United Fc and Celtic, theres certainly more Soccer supporters than GAA and More English speakers than Irish, Not frogeting the Fish and Chip shops, kebab shops etc.If anyone thinks that were not anglosised they need a reality transplant.English influence can never be reversed. The picture proves that.

  • circles

    good to see though Jimmy that some of us are still resisting the creeping rot of the english language – anglosised – well done on that boot to the crotch of the empire.

  • DK

    New Republican splinter group: The surreal IRA

  • Globetrotter

    Ah, yes. I love good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon kebab shops…..

  • Bill

    “Doctor” Paisley changes his colours.

  • Henry94

    “If you think this is fun you should have been at the protest against foreign beers last week”

  • Odd that the paper neglected to point out the gaffe by the protestor.

    Well, it was the (English) Telegraph, who probably think that Scotland is part of Ireland anyway.


  • A strange one man protest took place in the Center of Glasgow today, where Feisty McFesty demanded an end to the perfidious game of Shinty.

  • In other news, the Center of Glasgow witnessed a one-man protest against what Feisty McFesty called ‘the scurrilous game of Shinty’.

  • oops.

  • eranu

    i’ll bet that he is wearing a thick gold necklace and has a can of dutch gold beside him 🙂

    i think the more mainstream republicans watching this and laughing, should be aware that this is exactly how they look at times to the rest of us…

  • I reserve the right to laugh at hypocritical buffoons, whatever their shade and whatever message they are ‘trying’ to get across.
    It wouldn’t have taken a genius to write ‘at Croke Park’. Or to have changed his jersey.

  • starbuck

    sorry to disappoint ye folk but this photo was “photoshopped”

    here’s the proof

  • Justabloke

    You’re right, Starbuck.
    The original says Bring back Rules 1,2. Maybe, he meant to say, restore ‘Articles Two and Three of the Constitution’!
    Or Restore Stormont. Or whatever.

  • Henry94


    As the person who introduced the picture to Slugger I can only apologise for being so credulous. It was a Press Association picture published in The Sunday Telegraph.

    I am just relieved the guys face wasn’t shown.

    George Orwell once said that just because something is in the Daily Telegraph doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    I’ll try not to be so naive in future.

  • DK

    Maybe it’s the same bloke – he just can’t afford new clothes after spending all his money on the latest Celtic kit.

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    I’m not so sure – the indymedia photo isn’t a crop of the Telegraph photo. The moustachioed-guy in the green hat with the yellow band is to the left of the bloke in the brown jacket in the indymedia photo while the Telegraph photo has the ‘green hat’ guy behind the ‘brown jacket’ guy. In the indymedia photo there is a placard that says ‘No To Foreign Games’ just to the left of our friend the Celtic supporter. Its conceivable that they swapped placards at some stage for the Telegraph photo. Finally, if it is a photoshop, then its impressive, not only are the two placards different sizes, in the Telegraph photo they’ve managed to photoshop indentations and a bumpy surface on the placard.

  • DK

    Actually, having looked at lot closer at it, it is more likely that the picture is genuine and he just swapped placards with the tool holding the other sign (look at the legs – in front of the banner in one photo and in front of the rail in the other. And it looks like there are other blokes in the crowd wearing celtic kit too!

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    Unless of course ‘Carling man ‘is’ the photoshop – or is that what you meant?

  • Wilde Rover

    “Unless of course ‘Carling man ‘is’ the photoshop – or is that what you meant?”

    The brilliant science fiction writer Iain M. Banks imagines a future where photos or recordings are inadmissible in court as evidence of anything other than advanced technology.

    How soon will it be before sluggerites begin to disbelieve any photo that doesn’t suit their viewpoint until a panel of independent experts verifies it hasn’t been “photoshopped/INSERT LATEST SOFTWARE VERB”?

    Maybe the world has gone mad.

  • Yeah, I’m with the placard-swopping theory – there was another pic of a guy with about three in his hand so they were obviously sharing them around.
    And PA is a reputable agency, not in the habit of altering or manipulating news photos as far as I know, except for aesthetic purposes.

  • laois-marsharab

    Apart from the 82,000+ spectators (participants, more like) who think they were actually at Croke Park, does anyone really know if we witnessed a beautiful, historic sporting occasion … or we all just transported to a parallel universe for the weekend — much like the handful of alien protesters from the planet Zog (or wherever) who inspired this little blog from Mick (and Henry)in the first place… ?

  • Bob

    Are they doing a protest for the Wales football match, or is the matter now deemed closed for the time being?

  • Diluted Orange

    Blind Celtic fan cruelly exposed to ridicule when asked to hold hurling stick for friend at Croke Park.

  • darth rumsfeld

    “Lord Ballyedmond hits the campaign trail for the Ulster Unionists”

  • Shore Road Resident

    Definitely not Photoshopped – Photoshop couldn’t have removed the crease from the jersey in Indymedia’s claimed ‘original’ and I don’t see how it could alter the lighting as it changes between the two shots.

  • Diluted Orange

    Irish surgeons hail world’s first ever irony by-pass operation a resounding success

  • Diluted Orange

    “Sun reporter attends historic rugby match at Croke Park”

  • Diluted Orange

    ” P O’Neill discards balaclava in favour of sign, out of fear of wrecking his new haircut, for latest televised IRA statement.”

  • Diluted Orange

    “Republican graffiti artists cruelly target face of extremely pale, rectangular shape-headed Dublin youth.”

  • Diluted Orange

    “Scottish “Golf Sale” sign man changes sales pitch after market research shows that Glaswegian thugs prefer using baseball bats, rather than golf clubs, to beat up junkies.”

  • Diluted Orange

    ” Scottish ptarmigan farmers protest after imports of pheasant meat hit sales”

  • Diluted Orange

    “Dublin GAA fan objects to Croke Park staging Armagh vs Tyrone Gaelic football final.”

    …… cue Nationalist pelters for me!

  • John McCormack

    Typical indymedia stance to say this was photoshopped.

    They will go to extreme lengths to defend the actions of the working class, no matter how abhorrent.

  • Henry94

    I made an inquiry to the Press Association and received the following reply

    “Thank you for your email.

    The Press Association prides itself on its editorial integrity and has robust rules in place about picture handling.

    The photographer who took the picture which appeared on The Telegraph web site has supplied me with both that frame, and an adjacent one. Both show the man holding the same banner, and there is no evidence of the image having been tampered with.

    The picture on the Telegraph website is not a crop of the Indymedia picture you refer to. You will see that the Telegraph picture has a rail at the bottom of the frame: in the Indymedia frame there is a printed banner hung from that rail.

    I would suggest that between the two pictures being taken, the printed banner was hung on, or removed from, the rail.

    You will also notice that in the Indymedia picture the sign being held by the person in the Telegraph picture is being held by another person a few feet away.

    I hope that my comments will provide you with the assurances that you sought, but if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

    With best wishes

    Martin Keene”

  • Henry94

    In charity we must admit the possibility that he held the placard for a comrade without reading it.

  • laois-marsharab

    Reflexive action makes ‘Canon’ fodder a victim of Carl Zeiss lens.

  • c me

    great pic!!

  • Picador

    Johnny Adair slips back into the country unobserved.