Politics on a plate…

Hmmm… Mark blogs the heat in the kitchen…


  • SuperSoupy

    He was right. The Conservatives’ and Cameroon’s non-commitment to northern politics was emphasised by that home movie quality PEB. A joke campaign. Why waste time on it? If a party that rich wants to spend a fiver on the campaign with their vote base below the Workers Party they should expect people to ignore their half-hearted photo calls.

    Who cares.

    Though it emphasis how not British the issues are.

  • SuperSoupy

    correction: Though it emphasises how not British the issues are.

  • BonarLaw


    I agree that the PEB was a disgrace.

    However, given that this is an election to a devolved institutional I wouldn’t have expected the issues to be national. In common with the campaigns in Scotland & Wales the devolved elections will be fought on non British issues.

    That’s how British NI now is with devolution being the new integration.

  • lib2016

    Cameron had to make a gesture to emphasise the depth of the Conservative split with the two unionist parties who have managed to build a truly impressive image for themselves in England as the embodiment of all that was wrong with the British Empire in it’s Victorian heyday.

    Why spend money on what is simply a gesture?