Hain vetting potential appointees for Victims Commissioner

Slugger is intrigued to learn that the Ofmdfm is already shortlisting for the post of Commissioner for Victims and Survivors and has rejected several applicants. What is interesting about this is that the advertisement for the post said that the appointment would be made by the first and deputy first ministers, if the executive was established on March 26 and otherwise by the Secretary of State. It seems that the NIO is already putting a firm stamp on the appointment process and that Paisley and McGuinness will only have a short list to work from. Not much danger of a political appointment then!

  • T.Ruth

    I can confirm that this process is well advanced.A friend of mine received a rejection letter today,having applied for the post. I thought him eminently qualified to be interviewed.

  • John Kneecap

    T Ruth

    I hate to dissapoint you, but I am ve ry well qualified for the post, but I didn’t waste ink appling. Hain has the person in mind he wishes to appoint.

  • miss fitz

    The appointment may indeed be made by the FM and DFM, but my understanding was that the selection was being done in advance of that. I wonder if any of the rejected applicants who feel that they met the criteria and competencies are going to challenge the decisions?