“The company is very suspicious about the entire decision..”

The NIO will find themselves back in all-too-familiar territory soon.. in Belfast High Court. Federal Security Services have lodged papers in a court action challenging several aspects of the tendering process which led to the NIO decision to award a £25m security contract, guarding Northern Ireland’s courts, to rival security company Maybin. From the Belfast Telegraph report

Maybin, who currently guard the courts, was discovered to be operating without a licence last summer, when the tendering process for a new five-year contract began. A previous licence had lapsed, although the firm has not revealed the length of time they operated without one.

The NIO issued them a new licence days later and accepted their tender for the multi-million contract. The NIO has refused to answer questions about whether the licensing process was fast-tracked.

Police have also investigated the licensing breach, since security firms are required under anti-terrorism laws to renew their licence annually. A PSNI file on the matter has been passed to the prosecution service.

The NIO took over the tendering procedure for the courts because police are also investigating the circumstances of another contract award to Maybin, when the company was under different ownership. Court officials were entertained on a yacht belonging to Richard Maybin, who sold the company last year.

  • T.Ruth

    Here we are again. The regularity of situations like this cropping up gives cause for real concern.
    I am old enough to remember a whiff of concern about subsidies paid to a well known carpet producer and what I think was referred to as the the Zeenozip Inquiry.I recall a lot of fuss about a company which made record players-all precursors of De Lorean. One has to wonder down the years of direct rule just how much questionable,unusual,and double and/or dodgy dealing has gone on in Northern Ireland. Is it the case that there are many examples of people who were in the highest echelons of the Civil service moving almost seamlessly into highly paid jobs in the private sector in situations where they had influenced policy and helped shape strategy that impacted beneficially on the companies they joined? If so who are these people? Where are they now?
    Are there others out there who wonder whats happening at the Harbour Estate for example?. Who are the main players? What is the state of play? Who owns leases and who doesn’t. How much land has been disposed off and to whom and for how much.How much is left in public control? Has the public interest been protected ? Is it being protected? Can those in control in a new Assembly use land still held in trust for the public to create a revenue stream to generate community and economic development? Do private PR companies get paid to present/spin things to keep the public conciousness dimmed down?
    How much public money has been poured out to the main shareholders of significant European and Canadian enterprises? Would someone freelance journalist investigate the whole series of developments at the shipyard over the past twenty years to ensure that the public interest has been and continues to be protected/Of course it could be that Northern Ireland is a squeaky clean place and I am a bit paranoid.