Radio Free Belfast…

Looks like ourselves and the Tangled Web are not the only ones to take up BlogTalkRadio (latest show here). Radio Free Belfast is broadcasting it’s first internet live show tomorrow at 8 (am we think). Welcome on board.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Looks like ourselves and the Tangled Web

    Christ, five minutes of this Tangled Web and it became unlistenable. Democracy has it’s downsides, as I said to Churchill. I knew I’d had enough.

    Mick, stop associating yourself with this eejit. You’re in a completely different class. That show with Sammy Morse the other night was top drawer.

  • radio free belfast

    Hi, apologies to those who tried ot tune in tonight, Im having difficulty with the technical side of going on air. Could someone please tell me if the number to call to start the show is a skype number? Thanks a million, Radiofreebelfast

  • Comrade Stalin,

    I’m impressed your attention span lasted as long as 5 minutes.

    Pleased to let you know that the now weekly Tangled Web broadcasts have received favourable listener response from both sides of the Atlantic, as the comment threats for both shows so far rather illustrate. And it has further boosted site traffic.

    Maybe the “eejits” turned off after 5 minutes?