Paisley’s launch speech as a word cloud…

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This is Ian Paisley’s speech at the launch of his party’s manifesto as a ‘tagcloud‘ MOst prominent word: Unionist (17 times). It’s a fun little analytical tool I picked up from Simon McGarr’s blog yesterday, where he has a similar one for Michael McDowell’s conference speech, most prominent word: Ireland.
A few other things that struck me was the absence of the Doc’s favourite three letter acronym, either on its own or as an addendum to Sinn Fein (whom he mentions six times). Key words for this particular campaign Deliver and delivering are both prominent (five times), as is progress. Party is mentioned seven times (hammering home the unity message?). Ireland gets seven mentions, whilst its companion Northern comes up six.

  • Yokel

    No IRA…..

  • spotter

    well that does reflect the reality Yokel – whatever the excuses of the UPRG.

  • slug

    Yokel puts his finger on an interesting point.

  • Glensman

    This word cloud thing is brilliant, is there some sort of an application that can be used to create them?

  • bruce201

    Get a grip lads. If you are so short of meaning in your lives come and sort out my sock drawer.

  • marty (not ingram)

    see the “tagcloud” link in Mick’s post –

  • DK

    “Yokel puts his finger on an interesting point” – or would have done if it wasn’t actually already mentioned in Mick’s intro: “the absence of the Doc’s favourite three letter acronym”

    Do word clouds count the word “No”?

  • Yokel

    I didnt actually read Mick’s summary, just the cloud. Suspect Slug was the same.

    I’d like to think it was me that noticed it first, you can’t take it away from me…….you can’t..ya hear!

    Maybe Mick’s summary wasn’t there when I read it, conpsiracy yeah, Friday afternoon conspiracy……

  • No mention of “Never, never, never” from Papa Doc. What a surprise.

    Did the term “U-Turn” not figure?

  • nmc

    Watchman – spot on.

    It would seem that demonising SF may not be in papa doc’s best interests these days. Saying’s it would appear that he’s about to leap into government with them, perhaps he’s trying to soften his own voters views..?

  • Mick that’s a great way to fill a page I reckon you’re beginning to come down with BLOG DISEASE

  • I don’t think “Smash Sinn Fein” got mentioned either. (Anyone else remember that amusing jaunt down to O’Connell Street at midnight?)

    How is he going to lead his wee lambs into the Promised Land so they can lie down with the Shinner lions?

  • lib2016

    ‘British’ is another word not used by the Doc which reinforces my belief that Paisley doesn’t feel any strong connection to Blair’s England. He’s perfectly aware that he is an Irish phenomenon and has never denied it.

    In fact right from the beginning he has said that his loyalty to Britain is conditional and that ‘the end is nigh’ for the union.

    The Doc is obviously aiming for devolution in the belief that’s the best hope for his community whatever happens but one wonders how the rest of his party feel – Dodds, for one, was still using the ‘B’ word on the telly last night.

  • barcas

    The old fascist apparently failed to mention that word so loved by fascists – democracy.

    Is the old goat slipping?

  • Greenflag


    ‘How is he going to lead his wee lambs into the Promised Land so they can lie down with the Shinner lions? ‘

    He won’t . He’ll just supply a new lamb every day to keep ewe all happy while the wool is pullover yer eyes!


    ‘In fact right from the beginning he has said that his loyalty to Britain is conditional ‘

    True . Conditional on the UK maintaining it’s committment to NI. If that should end then it does not follow that Paisley will lead his followers into a UI. Repartition/UDI would be preferable to most Paisleyite Unionists.


    ‘Is the old goat slipping? ‘

    Are ye right there Ian are ye right
    Do ye think ye’ll win the poll on the night
    It’s all dependin whether
    The Party holds together
    And it might now Ian so it might

    But when it comes to share the spoils
    And power share with Fenian men
    The leader of the DUPer band
    Will lead his troops back out again

    With apologies to Percy French 🙁

    To power share with Fenian

  • Greenflag

    Note to self -preview -preview

  • lib2016


    ‘Political’ unionism was defeated when the UUP collapsed and will not be resurrected because it was always dependent among other things, on the link with the Conservative Party.

    The DUP is not a modern political party as recognised in the rest of Europe but a throwback to pre-Second World War days when religion was a great deal more powerful than it is now and even trades unions were influenced by which sect the majority of their members belonged to.

    It is a recognition of the fact that Unionism operates across class boundaries and even national loyalties to perpetuate a separate Protestant community in the North. As Blair put it “Protestant supremacism is dead”.

    We’re seeing the emergence of a post-unionist identity and it will be interesting in the next few years to watch where the anti-English rhetoric of so much unionist campaigning leads them.

    It does seem that at least some of them view Southern Protestants as a lost cause and have realised that devolution is their best hope of retaining their distinctive identity.

  • Jo

    The difference between Metallica and the “Reverend” “Doctor” Ian Paisley is that Metallica released “Master of Puppets” whereas the “Reverend” “Doctor” Ian Paisley is The Pastor of Muppets.