Is That A Gun In Your Pocket, Hillary, Or Are You Happy To See Me?

Can’t ya just see it, Senator McCain, Hillary and Obama torn to pieces by sharks………..

Open Water, a Dogma 95 inspired movie no doubt familiar to those of you on the lithium diet, casts a married couple in SCUBA gear adrift in the Caribbean after their SCUBA party boat sails away following a flawed count. The movie is a very personal portrayal of the couple in extremis as they go through the five phases of death ending with acceptance.

The movie has been pitched as Blair Witch meets Jaws. Both characters die through drowning or are eaten alive by sharks. They disappear without a trace, never to be seen again.

Except in Hollywood.

There is a sequel.

Absurd is as Absurd does. Also greenlighted is a nasty wee film noir featuring Hillary and Obama and the other leg of that eternal triangle, Other Peoples MoneyIt is a tragedy where all those Hollywood causes, the meat & potatoes of conservative talk radio, play out on the Shakespearean stage and where a character’s only exit is in death.

Enter, stage left, Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton campaign manager, as the traveling priest selling indulgences for the Clinton campaign. The lad had sold enough nails from The One True Cross to shoe all the horses west of Dubuque.

Enter, stage right, David Geffen, the morose Prince of Malibu. He is the everyman Hollywood Liberal for the FOX-Limbaugh-Drudge triangle, a nice gay, Jewish lad from Brooklyn who once was engaged to Cher, was a past rabid Clinton devotee and the man who brought us everything from Jackson Browne to Tom Cruise’s cute little butt in Risky Business. All is not well in Malibu, though, for Prince Geffen was smitten (as were a great many) over the pardon made by Hillary’s husband of Marc Rich, an alleged onerous blackguard convicted of racketeering and tax evasion who also renounced his US Citizenship for Spanish in order to flee the long arm of the law to Switzerland (hmm….). Yer man Geffen had another candidate in mind, Leonard Peltier , a prisoner of our the last Indian War and part of those liberal and Hollywood causes which never die.

Geffen went public with Maureen Dowd (bring lotsa money) and Tinseltown gave birth to Donnybrook Fair meets Celebrity Poker. Geffen opened with Peltier; McAuliffe saw him by channeling Dubya, “You are either with us, or you’re against us”; and Geffen raised with all those Crimes of Bill, from the Lincoln Bedroom to Monica, that disappointed liberals blame for the rise of Bush. The pot is still unclaimed

A tale told by an idiot signifying nothing, a true tragedy of taste or just a lull in the Anna Nicole feeding frenzy? Guess again Sluggiepoos, this is how we determine who gets the launch codes.