Definately having fun on that wiki…

Just seen on the election wiki…. What the parties think of Slugger… Bit harsh on the UU’s, but it doesn’t have to stay like that… I had a go at doing a comparator on the water rates issue, but didn’t have time to put in the McCartney and McCann positions. Just go over there and add, amend, correct!! It’s a great learning too!!!

  • Come on Mick, don’t I *always* have fun? 😀

  • Mick Fealty

    I like Google’s one liner’s on the parties… I haven’t worked out how to put in McCann’s SEA or RSF… but it would be interesting to see what it gives for them too…

    There should be a page for the multitude of unionist and republican independents too…

  • Which party is it that wants to plant more trees and release more bears, here in N.I.? 😉

  • SuperSoupy

    How to you change the spelling of Sinn Féin without running the link to the party page, which also has the incorrect spelling?

  • Mick Fealty

    Just get between the brackets when they show on the edit page… Just nipped in and did it… the fuller and richer the corrections, the better…

  • SuperSoupy

    Now it doesn’t link to the party page, which is what I was saying. Well done Mick for breaking it.

  • Mick Fealty

    Doh! It can be reset, I think, by rescinding the last edit.

    Adds: It seems to be working now…

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s probably best not worry about the techno side. Undoubtedly Beowulf, who set it up, will be happy to help fix such problems as they arise.

    For it to work best people who have prime content to add, should just lamb it in: formatting can get fixed afterwards.

  • Nevin

    Slugger O’Troll’s Law: If one side in a discussion invariably ignores the argument and can only put up ‘whataboutery’ or ‘usuns and themuns’, they themselves should be ignored.

  • What a wonderfully erudite article that is. I wonder what good-looking young author wrote such a perceptive piece?