Chatting with Clint..

An interesting conversation in its own right, as well as a good example of how blogging [or podcasting – Ed] can add value to a journalist’s output.. even if it’s in the Guardian’s extensive blog suite. The Observer’s film critic Philip French recorded his interview with Clint Eastwood in Paris last week, all 73 minutes of it, and has posted a link [33Mb mp3 file], and a brief intro, on the big G’s FilmBlog.. there’ll be an accompanying article on Sunday. Trying to imagine Unforgiven as directed by Francis Ford Coppola.. *shudder* [pity about the duet – Ed]

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  • There still is the video clip from Charlie rose where Eastwood explains the journey he traveled from his “early career and when I had the smart dialogue and could pick a man off a tower with a rifle” to why he considers his latest work to be anti-war.

    The clip starts with Peter O’Toole but to get to Eastwood move the slider to about 40 minutes.

    Frears follows Eastwo

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks Jim.

    He pops up again towards the end of that clip too..

    Covers some of the same ground there as in the interview above.. but there’s much more in the 73 minutes.. natch.