At Antiville roundabout, in Larne…

There are Vote 1 posters on display for all three UUP candidates… Is this: a boundary point for all of them; a ’round’ celebration of the sum of their virtues; an incipient turf war; or someone having a bit of fun? Your answers, speculative or authoritative, below?

  • BonarLaw

    There are mug shots of all three UUP hopefulls all over Holywood without any attempt at preference management.

    Have Cunningham House just given up?

  • larne guy

    i guess that beggs and robinson are out to screw dunn. dunn’s posters are over the rest of larne. all three of the candidates have their posters at antiville and millbrook roundabout – the main road in and out of larne.

    i thought seeing robinson and beggs obviously have their ‘own territory’ in carrick and newtownabbey it would have been fair of them to leave larne to dunn….but obviously not!

  • Yokel

    Ive seen the East Antrim jobs out on the Coast Road at Carrickfergus the other day and I didn’t notice any of the 3 candidates having 1 on the posters along with their visages. If you look at them they seemed to be fairly evenly spread so one post would have Beggs, one Robinson and one for Dunn.

    What I also did notice was a straight 1,2,3 poster with names beside each number on the run into Carrickfergus town. Can’t remember what ordert they were listed in.

    Have to say though Dunn’s looks like he’s still wearing his school tie…..

  • East Antrim UUP

    wrong Mick,
    “There are Vote 1 posters on display for all three UUP candidates”

    These are photo posters. Main thoroughfares/ like the A8 and the new roundabouts are featuring all 3 candidates but they are not specifying Vote number 1. Elsewhere in the Larne area there are only Dunn photo posters and names posters stating 1 Dunn, 2 Beggs, 3 Robinson.

    This pattern is replicated from the north to the south of the constituency with Beggs number 1 in most of Carrick, and Ken Robinson number 1 in Greebnisalnd/ Newtownabbey.

    The 3 posters are also on other major commuter points – A2 Carrick and B90 greenisland

    The Ulster Unionist Party is employing vote management in East Antrim (as well as local candidiates BTW).

  • Michael Shilliday

    In all fairness, every one of the DUP’s posters in East Antrim have the names of their three candidates, all in alphebetical order I think.

  • Mick Fealty

    Apologies. That was entirely my fault. I was exceeding the information provided me by my ‘source’.

  • Michael Shilliday

    We’ve all made that mistake!

  • Inspetor Clouseau

    DUP posters are in alphabetical order everywhere.

    Looking at the election flyer that I was given the DUP are listing every single polling station and “advising” how DUP voters should make their preferences in a particular polling station.

    Can anyone confirm that the DUP have hired professional staticians to advise on vote management?

  • Yokel

    If they have, fair play to them. This is what elections are all about. Get the vote out and hopefully get it to vote as you want it.

  • Michael Shilliday

    They’re def not in alphebetical order in South Belfast and I’m not sure if they are in East.

    The DUP are using different posters in diferent places, which is odd given the past few elections.

  • BonarLaw

    N.Down DUP posters are indicating different preferences in different parts of the constituency- sadly no massive mug shot of Weir anywhere yet.

  • The DUP are using different posters in diferent places

    In North Belfast, Humphrey is getting Woodvale, McCausland Oldpark and Dodds the York and Shore Roads. Not sure about the rest.

    The one thing I’d hazard from that is that they’re not trying to manage their big hitters down – i.e. they’re dividing the DUP vote in equal proportions; ideally people with big personal votes should get less. I.e. in 2003 I think Gerry Adams only had Whiterock ward.

    which is odd given the past few elections.

    That’s because the DUP have learned from their mistakes. If the UUP are not managing in North Down, it shows they aren’t learning from theirs as Jim McKerrow (Bangor UUP Cllr) actually knows how to do the job properly.

    Actually, if the UUP learned anything, they wouldn’t have three candidates in Lagan Valley, South Belfast, East Belfast, Upper Bann, Strangford…

  • Picador

    The UUP seem like a pretty dumb bunch, Sammy. It seems like the only smart unionists are religious fundamentalists.

  • BonarLaw


    there are plenty of religious fundamentalists in the UUP.

  • The only really smart person in the UUP, Esmond Birnie, is going to lose his seat.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Actually, if the UUP learned anything, they wouldn’t have three candidates in Lagan Valley, South Belfast, East Belfast, Upper Bann, Strangford…

    …and East London’y.
    Spot on about Esmond too Sammy.
    I’ve seen the posters in Hollywood too, and I hear that only the DUP are knocking doors there. Surprisingly there seems a lot of DUP support in the area.

    Great to see smiling Ceedric’s mug outstide Stormont too, with the catchy slogan ( repeated on Cubitt brothers posters in the grim north)
    “No to Sinn fein in government”.

    PSNI and North Down health and safety execs have forbidden pictures of Weir, as they are upsetting children, old folk, and dogs.

  • graduate

    if you think peter weir upsets the horses you want to see the posters of Lyle Cubitt (UKUP) in North Antrim. Talk about hammer house of Horror!!

  • Observer

    The UUP don’t seem to be employing voter management tactics at all.

    Very very bad.

    But its their funeral.