Elections NI site looking for questions…

This looks like a useful addition to the citizen’s blog guide to the election… It’s set up and run by NICVA, and has some good online material, not least a growing set of policy questions… It’s a little tricky to navigate, but be sure to add your own, and then Bookmark it!!


  • I’d go
    here first to the NI 2007 Elections Wiki. It’s purpose is

    A wiki to explain what each party stands for and the issues affecting people in Northern Ireland in the upcoming elections in simple terms and in one place. A wiki is open to anyone to edit, add to or destroy; the success of any wiki is entirely dependent on your contribution. Get involved!

  • Mick, is there something up with your comments/hyperlinking here?

    The address for the site I mentioned previously is


  • I’m dominating it with reality right now.

  • Monty

    Had a quick look at this site. It’s good for video clips from the parties and Peter Weir looked well and spoke sensibly, as always. The voluntary sector people are a bit serious though they seem to think everything is about bread and butter politics and ignore the important issues like the Union. We know what side our bread is buttered on! That said it looks like it might gather together some good stuff on the political debate


  • Andy Pandy

    I’m dominating it with reality right now.

    Posted by Hugo ‘George Osborne’ Rudd

    You’ve lost me Hugo here, what are you trying to say, or were you really posting to some other thread? Profound or taking tablets?


  • I thought the comments here on Slugger were getting a bit kinky with that comment ‘I’m dominating it with reality right now.’ 😉

  • What i meant was ‘I’m dominating the WIKI site now with Conservative reality.’


  • Monty


    catch yourself on; you lot are neither dominant nor in touch with reality. You have no chance of cutting into the Unionist vote. Are you on the same stuff as Cameron? You leader has a doggy past and doesn’t look as if he has repented in any way. No apology, no sorry shouldn’t have done it. Just, it’s private? Well?


  • Monty,

    Do you wish to make a public allegation about the Leader of the Conservative party? If you aren’t prepared to make an allegation, then are you prepared to apologise for your ridiculous statement?

    And Incidentally, have you ever heard of irony?