Mmm… two of my favourite things…

This is a very, very specialist item it seems to me. Now I’m a great fan of both Guinness and Marmite.. But there are limits to St Patrick’s Day kitsch; surely?

  • CW

    I’d have to agree with you, Mick. I came across this product in my local supermarket yesterday, but can’t see it catching on.

    I like Guinness, but wouldn’t touch Marmite, so it’s my view that never the twain shall meet!

  • Can you imagine the state of your ar@e after a dose of that stuff…this is the devil’s food.

  • Rory

    An essential item for everyone’s stock cupboard. Best stored alongside the whisky marmalade and the brandy peach preserve. Slices of golden melba toast spread with each are ideal for satisfying the adventurous taste buds of the spliff munchies.

  • Martin

    No, I’m sorry, but in all sincerity this sounds like the perfect food!

    First tasted marmite on holiday in Greece, and have loved it ever since. Add a dollop to stew or bolognaise sauce… But warm the spoon first, otherwise it won’t slide off with that delicious yeasty gloop. And don’t keep it in the fridge: like Guinnness itself, only a pervert prefers it cold…

    I’ll get me jar.

  • smcgiff

    Call me cynical, but is this an attempt to get kids acclimatised to the taste of Guinness from a young age?

  • jamesonandwater

    Marmite is all yeast anyway, so what the hell is “guinness yeast extract”? Just yeast + hops?

  • Joe

    Guinness actually used to make something broadly similar themselves – Guinness Yeast Extract

  • merrie

    Guinness yeast extract is just a byproduct of the making of Guinness. I suppose they thought they’d sell it instead of just throwing it away.

    I prefer Vegemite – much nicer than Marmite, though I don’t have either much now because of the salt content. Haven’t tried the Guinness version yet.

  • alex benjamin

    merrie, you’re crazy, marmite rocks! Vegemite is for wimps.

    the guinness yeast is not as brutal as that currently used by marmite so it is sasid to impart a smoother and more meaty taste, for marmite purists like myself i’m not convinced but i tried to find it in tescos’s but couldnt. so i’ll get back to you when i have.

    it does seem a bit gimmicky though…

  • merrie

    Vegemite for wimps! You don’t know the Vegemite song:

    We’re hap-py lit-tle Veg-e-mites
    As bright as bright can be.
    We all en-joy our Ve-ge-mite
    For break-fast, lunch, and tea.
    Our mum-mies say we’re grow-ing stron-ger
    Eve-ry sin-gle week,
    Be-cause we love our Ve-ge-mite –
    We all a-dore our Ve-ge-mite –
    It puts a rose in eve-ry cheek.

    Actually I don’t mind being a wimp…

  • Dinger

    Irishmen liking Marmite??! You’ll be into croquet, cricket and ‘The Archers’ next…shameful!!

  • Check your facts Dinger!

  • GrassyNoel

    I’d love to try this stuff. I actually just bought a brand new tub of Marmite yesterday, but I didn’t see this product on the shelves

    I started off on Bovril – Seriously. My Grandmother and my mother both used to spread it on their toast more than make soup out of it. My friends all thought I was a raving weirdo food pervert (and to be honest, so did I) as no-one I had ever encountered outside of my Ma & Grandma lshared my taste for smearing this stuff on bread & toast.

    And then I went to Australia. And in fact I was in Australia for nearly 3 months before I discovered what Vegemite actually was and that the whole continent of Australia was addicted to and had grown up on the stuff for generations. I felt like I had discovered a huge extended family of long lost relations.

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Vegemite is not nice at all, whereas Marmite is supremely nicer with a meatier taste to it. Vegemite just doesn’t have the sauce I’m afraid.

    As an aside, I’ve just received a survival package from my Mum, which contains two Cadbury’s Flakes, two Ripples and 12 packets of Tayto Cheese and Onion, northern style, not the weird southern flavour.

    Now I wonder what a Tayto Cheese and Onion sandwich would taste like with a smidgin of Marmite in it……

  • Nevin

    What next? Happy Hour’s Old Bushmills condom?

  • Holt

    Does nobody remember a product called ‘Guy’ – it was a ‘Marmite like’ product made by Guinness. I haven’t seen or heard of it since the sixties.

  • The Devil

    I must need glasses because I read that as Martin McGuiness

    either way both leave a bad taste in your mouth

  • Rory

    What on earth has The Devil been up to with Martin McGuinness that left him with a bad taste in his mouth?

    I think we should be told.

  • The Devil

    I was reading his election litrature Rory 🙂

  • merrie

    If anyone is interested this special edition Marmite is available until mid-March from:

    J Sainsbury

    It wasn’t at my local Waitrose, but may be at larger stores.

  • pugachev

    the Guinness version of marmite won’t be vegi, as they use fish bone based filings to clear Guinness….. just thought you’d want to know ?