Adams: “I think we are going to reap what we’ve sown”

In contrast, Sinn Fein use an in-house vlog for the launch of their election website. As a result the quality of the production is far superior to any of the other outputs. Adams is relaxed and eminently listenable to. There’s plenty of time to get key messages that rarely come out under more interrogative mainstream questioning. And yet, it’s a pity it’s not on YouTube! (they have more than most already up there)I hate to repeat Jeff Jarvis, but:

If your customers want to watch your shows, listen to your songs, read your news, or play your games, can you still get away with telling them they cannot unless they come to you and use your devices, pay your fees, and follow your rules? That could work in a scarcity economy in which you owned all the stuff and the means to get it. But no more.

As the man says, “Business Politics isn’t about control any more”. Rather you need to “Find the flow. Then go with it”.

Or as EM Foster once put it, “Only connect”.