Rates revelations…

EVEN though Castlereagh Council struck the lowest domestic rates this year, the new calculation based on house values means residents face the second highest rates rise in the whole of Northern Ireland – up 19% or £117. Belfast faces the steepest rise from last year (20% or £117), while luckier householders in Craigavon – whose council actually struck the highest district rates – can look forward to a 4% drop in their bills, £24 less on average. See how much you’ll be paying here. Here’s another ‘revelation’ – Ballymoney, in Paisley’s Bible belt heartland, has the number of the beast – residents face an average bill of £666 (as does Carrick).

  • willowfield

    I don’t understand this. If Castlereagh’s rate is the lowest, how can its residents face the second highest rise?

    Doesn’t make sense.