Policing College to get provisional go-ahead..

The BBC are predicting that the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain will use an international policing conference, at the Waterfront Hall tomorrow, to announce that the British Government is to fully fund the long-delayed Policing College, identified as an outstanding issue in December last year in the 18th report of the Policing Oversight Commissioner.. although it is now predicted to be an integrated college for use by the PSNI, the fire and rescue service and the prison service.Unlike the BBC, however, who suggest

“Such an announcement would avoid questions about why the government has delayed a project that the police say is essential for future training needs.”

I’d argue that it does no such thing. The questions over the delay, by government, remain to be answered.

Although even the BBC’s prediction is for a provisional announcement..

An integrated college is not what the Policing Board had originally planned, but government sources have said it will be state-of-the art and among the best of its kind in Europe.

After more than three years of waiting, the board is likely to give the announcement a warm welcome.

The project still needs final approval from the Treasury – but discussions have already taken place and Mr Hain is believed to be expecting a positive response. [added emphasis]

If he gets it, work could finally start next year.

[Just as well Peter Hain hasn’t been causing any unwelcome headlines for Downing St recently then.. – Ed]

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  • Pablo

    Its a truly wonderful idea that the police in this part of the world should at last receive a decent standard of education. When we look at previous low attainment levels including a basic inability to differentiate right from wrong, this college is long overdue. Nice one Peter.

  • BeardyBoy

    Policing College to get provisional go-ahead..

    Gerry has announced support already? – he moves fast does Gerry.

    (sorry folks I could not resist it

  • J Kelly

    beardyboy my thoughts exactly.

    Others promise sinn fein delivers

  • Plum Duff

    I think I read somewhere that the British Government made overtures to the Southern Government for funding assistance in the building of the college. One wonders if any consideration was given to a wholly integrated police college, ie, one catering for both Gardai and PSNI members. At least the South would be getting some practical bangs for their bucks given their own well-known problems with a number of Gardai.

  • mnob

    plum duff – i thought this was a done deal and was part of the package announced by Dublin recently ? – and the assistance was not a begging bowl but a proposal for a joint facility used by PSNI and GS.

  • Plum Duff

    ‘… a proposal for a joint facility used by PSNI and GS’.

    Wouldn’t you wonder, then, why there wasn’t even a mention of this in yesterday’s reports? And, as I write this, there was nothing in today’s speech by Hain either. Furthermore, Desmond Rea gave, what seemed to me, merely an aspirational couple of lines to ‘internationalising’ police services.

    Personally, I can see only good to come out of it if it ever gets off the ground. Not only would it improve relationships from the ground up between the two forces (importance of personal contacts/friendships, etc) but it could also open up chances of exploration in the difficulties /similarities of policing in the different parts of the island, North/South, urban/rural.

  • mnob

    actually yes i do wonder why its not being mentioned ?

    Has it been canned, did I imagine it, or does someone think it might be a hot potato ?

  • Plum Duff

    Perhaps the answer lies in the anagram of Desertcreat where the college is to be situated. It is ‘Trade Secret’ which, I think, explains everything.

    Another one is ‘A detect errs’ which *nearly* says all we do not wish to hear! :o)