I couldn’t make the smiley paper clip thing go away..

Via the BBC’s Newsnight email we have the Prime Minister’s email response to the million plus voters who signed that petition.. as impersonated by Dead Ringer Jon Culshaw that is. And there’s a bit of a surprise for the Secretary of State for Wales, etc.From Newsnight’s email

To: 1.7 million angry voters
Subject: Increase the size of your majority
From: ‘Tone’

Cyber people of Britain dot com,

This is your prime minister here, virtual hand gesture, shiny hard-drive, smiley emoticon. I have now read your 1.7 million emails. I had a bit of trouble, I couldn’t make the smiley paper clip thing go away, so I have made him minister for Northern Ireland.

I do understand your worries about the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy. Believe me, there is nobody more concerned about vehicle tracking than I am. After all, I need to know where Gordon Brown is at all times.

As I said at a party conference, I am listening. I hear. And I will act. Apparently, deleting with this matter will be simple. Sorry, did I say delete? I mean dealing with this matter will be simple. Why did I think of the word “delete?”

But do keep your ideas coming in. Number 10 values receiving your half-baked ideas, as we’ve decided to start charging £1.30 per email.

Blogging off for now,