On the Falls Road Baths….

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir with a few moments from the history of the Falls Road Baths. It has gone through many changes and iterations in its time. He mentions his mother’s experience during the war when she glimpsed the inside when it, and other public places across Belfast, served as a mortuary for the whole city after one of the worst moments of the blitz – one thousand died in a single night alone – a decision, he says, “she has regretted ever since”.

  • gerry

    He mentions his mothers experience during the war, but he has none. Martin ‘never threw a stone’ meuiller. As regards the woman murdered by the IRA outside the baths, wasn’t there a free for all because her name wasn’t mentioned in the garden of rememberance just accross the road from the Baths? The provisionals didn’t deem their victim worthy.

    [gerry – please, please play the ball and not the man! – moderator]

  • Alan

    I have very fond memories of the Falls baths. Traveling down the Shankill in the school bus with my togs rolled up in a towel – past Woodvale Park, the graffitto “Sectarianism kills workers”, then Second Street, Third Street etc.

    Those awful sectarian songs that the teachers never encouraged, but didn’t dare stop.

    The abject terror of trying to swim my first length – being “encouraged” by Mr ? bellowing at the top of his voice.

    My wife learnt to swim there too, but her journey was considerable shorter.

  • YouNeedHelpWithThoseCrayons?


    Livingstone wrote a piece that seems perfect for internet warriors and spray can specialists like you.


  • The Devil


    What you seem to be ignoring is that Gerry is fully entitled to depict Martin Miller as a role model for pacifists if he so wishes.
    Unless of course you find the idea of non-violence insulting to Mr Miller and it is this that has offended you so greatly.
    However I would find that argument incredulous as you have linked a piece from one of Belfast’s most famous draft dodgers who is a columnist with a well know Anti-SDLP rag.

    Strange that Livingstone whines like a scabby mongrel kicked out from the fireside for the night because someone painted Graffiti on a wall.
    Livingstone has been the author of many gross inaccuracies and disgusting slights at anybody that he regards as a non cheer-leading Shinner for many many years and he has not just daubed it on a wall but delivered it to thousands of households many of them quite large, where it was to be read and discussed at many a dinner table or fireside sofa by multiple persons.

    If it came down to a question of character assassination I don’t think too many people with even a semblance of wit are impressed or swayed by urban scrawls with handy-kraft aerosols, however when it comes to professional print even sharp minded seasoned skeptics can eventually be overcome in a blizzard of innuendo even if it is in a local rag, and perhaps Livingstone and co can remember that at times they were not satisfied with just blizzards and were indeed creators of more than the occasional avalanche.

    As for young master Robin name dropping Gerry Kelly at will perhaps he should note that there is nothing as cheap as embellishing yourself with the actions of others.
    As for the time Mr Kelly spent “fighting the war” well I suppose someone in the Sinn Fein leadership had to as the rest of them were strangely missing during the war as were their off spring, although Kelly may not have had the time to stop “fighting the war” to scrawl on a wall he still had time to build quite an impressive property portfolio in Belfast, Bulgaria and Turkey.

    As for writing letters to an forum that will reprint it or post it well young master Robin has an extremely selective memory because the Andersonstown News are the Kings of mystery letter writing, Sinn Fein have their own blogging committee on this site and others and both S/F and the Andy.Town.News have participated in phone calls to have people not under their control removed from their post or curtailed in their actions (Newton Emerson).

    If Gerry needs help with his crayons then with your slanted views you need help period.

  • YouNeedHelpWithThoseCrayons?


    My message related to the text that was removed. Something that fitted neatly with a grafitti scrawler comparison. The moderator did Gerry a favour by removing it.

  • gerry

    Crayon I don’t think so. What I wrote wasn’t so bad, perhaps it was playing the man. It was only a sentence removed. Can’t say it changed the post any, the bulk of what I wanted to say is there. I’m not fazzed about it. It didn’t change the message any IMO. Infact I thought the article contained in your link was quite funny, and that you’d got your martin mixed up with your robin. Easy mistake for you to make.

    As for being an internet warrior or a spray can warrior, it’s hardly me at my age. Although you could say it was playing the man as much as my post was and mine was removed and yours wasn’t, and playing the man is playing the man.

  • here we go again – another platform for ad hominem attacks on journalists who’re doing their job as well as they can from ne’er do well guttersnipes. Is that what slugger’s about these days?

  • Shore Road Resident

    Let’s not forget the vile and appallingly sexist attack on a female Irish News journalist (resulting in a libel win) and the extremely dangerous allegations via made-up letter about a Belfast Telegraph columnist (also resulting in a libel win). For this man to be complaining about some scrawl on a wall is a just amazing – and shouldn’t he be taking it as gospel anyway? After all, it’s from ‘The Community'(c).