Magilligan prison a health hazard?

The BBC reports that the NI Prison Service has confirmed that “Bacteria responsible for Legionnaires’ disease have been found in water in the healthcare centre of Magilligan Prison”. A prisoner who, had been in the 8-bed healthcare centre, tested positive for Legionella Bacterium and died on February 8 – presumably related to this report. 6 other prisoners have been relocated from the health centre. The prison holds 420 sentenced prisoners and while a review on its replacement had been announced in 2005, by January this year that replacement had still to be finalised.From the 11th January NI Prison Service press statement

“The condition of the physical estate at Magilligan Prison was a major issue for the Board, which has recommended that a new facility should be built on the Magilligan site. We have accepted that there is a need for a replacement prison and much work is in hand to take forward the Service’s estate strategy. Ministers hope to be in a position to indicate the way forward shortly.