From North Down to West Tyrone…

The Strabane Chronicle notes the absence of the candidate for West Tyrone (and North Down) Robert McCartney in handing in the necessary nomination papers:

United Kingdom Unionist Party Leader, Robert McCartney, has put himself forward himself to stand for election to the Assembly in the constituencies of both West Tyrone and Fermanagh South-Tyrone. The 70 year-old was not in Omagh in person to nominate, rather, an agent, Lynn Sheridan, handed in his papers on Tuesday afternoon.

The former MP for North Down is running “to give unionist voters an alternative to either the DUP or the UUP”, she said. Ms Sheridan [McCartney’s agent] was asked if Mr McCartney would oppose power sharing with Sinn Fein, she responded that, “he has concerns.”

BTW, check out the online poll on whether the Police need to do more? Currently it is running at 72.27 % saying no. This in a constituency where supporting the police led some to run risk to life and limb, time and again.

  • mark

    “an alternative to either the DUP or the UUP” and split the votes in many of the constituencies that he and his few supporters are standing in…

  • interested

    Interesting to note the constituencies where Bob McCartney himself is running. Apart from his ‘own’ area of North Down he is going forward in constituencies where Sinn Fein is actively targetting seats and has a reasonable chance of making possible gains.

    Why will he help out Sinn Fein in West Tyrone but not run in East Belfast? McCartney’s agenda has been exposed for everyone to see. Obviously not enough republicans in somewhere like East Belfast for Sinn Fein to win a seat so therefore no need for Bob to come to their rescue.

  • Dessertspoon

    First he’ll take North Down and then he’ll take Berlin!!!!!!!!

  • The referance to the poll above is misleading. The poll in question does not ask “whether the Police need to do more?” rather the precise question is:

    Given there has been a 14 percent increase in the number of assaults in the County, do you think the police is doing enough to combat this type of crime?
    At present over 70 percent are saying No.

    The poll is actually from round the November/December 2006 period. ie- pre-Ard Fheis on policing. So not all that significant. Incidentlly the same poll taken anywhere else in the UK would probably yield similar results, as people rarely do feel the police do enough to prevent crime.

  • understanding stv


    Under STV there is no such thing as ‘splitting the vote’

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Bob McCartney needs to go into his bathroom, take a long hard look at himself in the mirror and think for a minute, “Am I strengthening or weakening the Unionist cause by standing in 6 constituencies”. I think there can only be one answer…

    VOTE DUP 1,2,3 ON MARCH 7

  • The voter on the ground needs to wake up to the changing reality of Northern Ireland. The DUP and Sinn Fein attempted carve-up has delivered pretty much what we suspected it would; a bizarro world attempt to evade governing Education, economy, environment and healthcare.

    Splitting the vote isn’t an issue for Northern Ireland’s assembly elections, where six seats exist per constituency. Giving the DUP hegemony on the unionist vote is like giving car keys and whiskey to five-year-olds.

    Only Conservative candidates have a broad enough view of politics in Northern Ireland to hit the failures in the real policy areas where they hurt.

    Incidentally, a rather beautiful PEB from the Conservatives tonight.