Blogger could be jailed for protecting sources?

The saga of the Brit bloggers takes a strange turn, with the news that top Brit blogger Guido Fawkes, could be arrested for not surrendering papers relating to the Smith Institute… Guido claims the delay in providing the papers has been because he has been trying to remove any indications as to who passed him the information in the first place…Original post amended…

  • Yeah, Paul Staines is ‘protecting his sources’. It’s certainly *not* the case that he shot his mouth off and now can’t back up the crap he spouted. Oh no.

  • Just in case there’s a corner of the internet that doesn’t yet understand [removed – mod]”Guido” is.

  • seems Karl has issues with Guido.

    Care to enlighten us?

  • Valenciano

    Karl, The stuff in question dates back to 1986 that’s if it’s even true and the fact that it claims to have been published in The Guradian. Since then Paul Staines (a member of the Conservatives and Irish Progressive Democrats) has been very focal in opposing racism. You certainly seem to have a bit of a personal beef with him…

  • I’ve met him. [removed text – moderator]

  • Definition of a racist:

    “Someone who preceeds a racist onslaught with the line, I’m not a racist but….”

    I’m not a B.g.t but…

    i’m not anti-semetic but…

  • Oh well, screw you guys, I’m going home. Slugger’s let a damn sight worse stand about other folk than the stuff I had posted about Paul Staines, which has just been removed from this thread. One rule for bloggers, another for politicos?

  • Karl, ever thought about changing your name to

    Kartman, I’MMM Goinggggg Home!

  • harpo

    Are we now going to have to endure bloggers claiming that they are like journalists and have some right that others in society don’t have?

    We see the cases of journalists pretending that they are above the laws that the rest of humanity has to follow. Sometimes ending up in jail as a result of it.

    Are bloggers now going to be claiming victimhood status too?

  • marty (not ingram)

    I was Karl’s post before it was edited. The text that has been removed said “what a turd…”, hardly shocking compared to what’s been written about others on hear. And given the article Karl linked to I’d say “turd” is putting it mildly.

    Mick – Guido a mucker of yours?

  • marty (not ingram)

    Of course I meant to write – I saw Karl’s post…duh

  • I agree that the term turd is apt in certain circumstances.

    I sometimes use it to describe;

    “the weasel featured little turds, real bloody shites at school who no-one likes, who tell tales to the Teacher, that go on to become Police officers.”

    Also when describing the Brit Police I say

    “The British Police are the Cream of society, they are “White, Thick, and rise to the top”

    Am I going to be moderated?

  • Mick Fealty

    Guys… You can have a go at Guido all you like… just try to put some substance into it…

    Karl may well have a point about the treatment politicos get on Slugger, but it’s a paper defence when simply used as a cover for an ad hominem attack.


    Whether he is or not, he is certainly not above criticism here. Neither, in case you hadn’t noticed, am I. But playing the man, is playing the man.

  • marty (not ingram)

    Fair enough Mick.

    I guess I’m just jaded from the endless man-playing from Ingram before the SF AF that went unchecked despite a lot of pleading within the threads for him to kept in check.

  • Mick Fealty

    Jaded? I know how you feel!! I have put a lot of energy and time into trying to get people to take debate seriously. But there is always someone, somewhere who sets it all aside and just goes in with the gloves off. Forth Bridge would not be in it!

    I have always believed the best approach is to have a low entry bar, but keep the standard bar high. We just about manage the former, and compared with many sites we mostly do well with the latter. But I am not sure how sustainable that is going to be in the long term.

    Drawing the line is difficult too. At what point are you keeping the play clean, and or just protecting public figures from legitimate criticism?

    I don’t have an easy answer to that. But, let’s say I am not planning to run restaurant reviews any time soon!

  • Pete Baker

    I’d argue for a higher entry bar…


  • Pete, now would the higher entry bar be Ptotestant or Catholic, Loyalist or Republican?