Belfast Arts Festival gets one-off grant

It’s not a long term solution, just a one-off grant, but the efforts of Save the Befast Festival at Queens.. and others.. seem to have worked, for now. The NIO’s Arts Minister Maria Eagle MP has announced that Belfast Festival at Queen’s is to receive a one-off grant of £150,000 for the 2007 Festival.. which would just cover the expected loss from last yearFrom the Save The Belfast Festival press release

Last year’s Festival, with attendances in the region of 100,000 people, is expected to see a loss of £150,000.

And from the NIO Arts minister’s statement

The Minister said that she did not want to see the Festival end up in the same position next year with uncertainty surrounding its future. Therefore, she expected to see significant progress to ensure the sustainability of the Festival from 2008 onwards.

She continued: “This will require meaningful engagement from all partners, and must focus on producing a three year development plan that contains clearly defined targets and outcomes for the Festival. This will be a significant piece of work and should commence as soon as possible.

“In making this award of a one-off grant of £150,000 I trust that Queen’s University will reciprocate by maintaining the 2007 Festival and taking the lead with partners to secure the long-term future of this flagship Festival.”