Irish Blog Awards, vote now…

It’s that time again… Slugger has been short listed for just one category this year (the one we won last year)… There are only three days left to vote, and there may be many others in this year’s list that you prefer to see in the final (there is a veritable gold chest of links to check out)… You can vote here. You can also check out all the blogs on this funky new Awards Browser…

  • Hi Mick !

    We will NOT be voting for you in the ‘Best Political Blog’ category .
    For obvious reasons… !

    Best of luck to you anyway – see you in the ‘ring’ …

    Sharon .

  • Mick Fealty

    Well, I’m considering casting my own vote elsewhere this time out… so maybe…

  • Mick-

    You could of course vote for El Blogador, which has been shortlisted for no less than five categories. Part of the problem is though that it appears twice in two of those categories, so is effectively competing against itself 😉

  • slobadan

    Me too.

  • GrassyNoel

    I wonder will Twenty Major wipe the floor with everyone again this year, or has the novelty of littering his blog with profanities worn off yet?…tsk, tsk.

    Only Joking Twenty (or whatever the f*ck your real name is)

  • Hi again , Mick !

    “Well, I’m considering casting my own vote elsewhere this time out… so maybe…”

    -what ?
    ONLY “maybe…” ??
    (Plus – does that mean that you DIDN’T vote for us last year??)

    …suppose we will be looking out at you again from the ‘Also Ran’ enclosure 🙁 !

    Sharon .

  • Hope you don’t mind a little bit of canvassing here, Mick!
    My blog, Skinflicks is up against the mighty Slugger for best political blog, but if after voting for S. O’T, people fancy throwing me an oul preference in the best blog, best newcomer or best news/current affairs blog, or even the best blog post or most humorous blog post categories, I’d be overjoyed with gratitude!
    It’s good to see a healthy showing from the Northern blogs anyhow, with AlaninBelfast, Blogador and others all showing in the long list. Well done to everyone.