RSF to contest election in 6 constituencies

Confirmation that Republican Sinn Féin are to put forward candidates in 6 consituencies in the Assembly election, although the party won’t be named on the ballot paper as it refuses to register in either of the polities on the island. In the broadcast report Ruairí Ó Brádaigh said the decision was taken to leave the party affiliation blank rather than read ‘Independent’. Interestingly it’s fewer candidates than the party had initially indicated, perhaps suggesting either a lack of suitable candidates or a reluctance to stand in some constituencies. Adds seabhac siúlach comments below that it could be due to “some agreement or other between the various anti-Provo republican groups” to maximise their vote.. which seems entirely possible.Update El Matador, also in the comments, provides a list of the candidates and constituencies

The ‘RSF’ candiates are as follows:

Mid-Ulster: Brendan McLaughlin
West Belfast: Geraldine Taylor
Fermanagh/ South Tyrone: Michael McManus
Upper Bann: Barry Toman
East Derry: Michael McGonigle
West Tyrone: Joe O’Neill