No competition in Ballyhack….

In local news, Alan has a snippet on a group of shop keepers in Ballyhackamore who scraped together 1.4 Million but which, it seems, was not enough to match the developers who had their eyes on their plots of land…

  • Crataegus


    This is going to be an increasing occurrence. As I have said on other threads the only form of property investment that makes sense is apartments. Families can’t compete when the y are buying houses, shopkeepers when they are buying their retail units and factories that take up so much land are insanity.

    Planning policy needs to change FAST.

    There is no reason why the shops units could not be retained on the ground floor and have 5 levels of apartments over, but the redevelopment will mean the existing businesses will have to close.

  • eranu

    ive seen many crap build apartments here in dublin that have living room and bedroom windows on the ground floor so that people can walk past and see you sitting in your underwear watching tv… but most just put shop units on the ground floor if its viable. i would expect they’d do the same here. this can actually create small shops where there werent any before. its sad when your favourite ‘wee shops’ dissapear but they could be replaced by bigger or more shops when the apartment block is built. it could be good in the longer term.

    hopefully this property boom will turn to bust soon and prices will crash. im really kicking myself for not buying a few terrace houses down the woodstock road 6 or 7 years ago when you could get them for 60k. they’re now as high as 190k..

  • For accuracy, no decision has been made. But the shopkeeper in question saw no reason to be optimistic. Maybe he’ll be surprised by the benevolence of the current owners – who I believe, after all, have their roots in East Belfast.

  • willis


    To be honest, If anyone out there is building factories, in the right place of course, it has to be applauded. I’m getting worried that the only way to survive these days is by property speculation.

  • Crataegus

    I am also apprehensive that property speculation seems to be the only way to make money. The whole property market, as it is now, should be of concern for it is potentially turning into a very destructive beast. Much of the environment we cherish is going to be destroyed by inappropriate piece meal development.

    Think that because you live in an area of special control and of townscape character that you are protected, think again. Speculator buys a house with garden and just lets the property go to hell and cuts down all trees and any other potential encumbrance. What redress do you have? In a few years time after some youths have torched it an application goes in for apartments do you thing the planning office are going to refuse and make them rebuild? Not a chance in hell.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Alan in Belfast

    If the current owners of the site refuse to sell to the business owners, perhaps they should petition one of the owners – the former head of the Church of Ireland, Archbishop Eames – to see if the church will issue an edict saying that greed is not longer a sin.

    Unless, of course, ethics and morality aren’t a part of Eames’ life any more, in which case he shouldn’t have been lecturing everyone else for the past few years.