“it is now time that the other parties played their part”

The Irish News has a short note [subs req] from the Alliance Party’s deputy chief whip, Stewart Dickson who has stated that the party has ruled out the possibility of any of their potential MLAs taking the role of Speaker should the Assembly be formed on the 26th March – electing a Presiding Officer being the first item of business for any Assembly. The Alliance Party, which had 6 MLAs going into this election, has provided both of the previous speakers in the Assembly, the Hain assembly and the transitional assembly. From the Irish News [subs req]

Mr Dickson said Alliance felt it was time for other parties to take on the role.

“Other parties haven’t taken their share of the responsibility over the assembly speaker’s post, ” he said.

“Alliance has shouldered the burden of the speaker’s position since the start of the assembly and our party council has decided that it is now time that the other parties played their part.”