Non sectarian, or Mickey Mouse?

You get the impression sometimes that councillors say things in the chamber, they clearly don’t think will make it any further… But the sharp ears of the County Down Spectator where there when North Down Borough Council discussed the possible local implications of the Irish Language Act. One sharped eyed North Down reader picked up an interesting exchange, involving two views within one party.

Cllr Alan Graham DUP said “I think it’s very important that this doesn’t simply become a cultural thing or almost a sectarian issue and I think everybody needs to have a common sense approach in this whole thing.”

I wonder if that was before or after his colleague MLA and Cllr Alex Easton DUP said “I believe it’s a Mickey Mouse language”

Presumably Alex also thinks Ulster Scots is Mickey Mouse too – I think we ought to be told!!

There were objections, we understand, to the use of the term from the Alliance benches…